Microsoft Technical Online Support (888) 417-4032

Scammer’s Number: (888) 417-4032
Domains Used:
Extra Info: (888) 417-4032 was posted on the website 4 minutes ago or about 1:41 PM Central … I called it from my TextNow number and a guy answered. Hurry if you want to bait and/or harass them, for the number might not be up for very long!

I have reported the number “4032” to the call flooding system. Thank you very much.

I asked the guy for his internal phone number in Microsoft and he kept asking what my PC was.

Getting the engaged tone now. How is the call flooder getting on ? Now getting “your call did not get thru”

Yeah… the guy I got connected with sounds like he doesn’t have a single clue about computers. I will give this number roughly 1 hour, and I will come back with the call flooding results… so you can see how much money I have ripped off the call center.

Call flooder must be doing a great job, engaged tone all the time now.

Thank you, I take what I do very seriously… I love to help.

AWESOME, MonsterFlooder! You are BOMBARDING them with phone calls! We know that they are angry and demoralized at this point! It is called KARMA, you criminals! In other words, they are reaping what they have sown!

Thank you so much for those kinds words… a slight tear came to my eye :slight_smile:

:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: crazy engaged tone now.

It says
"Please check the number and dial "

Oops. :joy:

Now reporting call cannot be completed as dialled.

And it’s down!

Well done to the call flooder.

In your faces, criminals! Victory is ours!
( Well, for now … with this particular phone number … )

Not only does the system call flood… the system also scouts out for any other number they may have. It also checks for websites that deal with their scams… lastly… it then e-mails every single carrier to the "report abuse carriers emails "

– If they do get a new number, all there money is loaded on a computer. Each single call drains a certain amount of money and brings back that money to the USA… so… by doing so… they are screwed for rest of their life financially.

Thanks to all in here, Monsterflooder well done, you have the comm. Need to walk the dog.

:blush: Have a good time, and enjoy the nice weather!

I will, getting a wee bit late over here.