Microsoft Technical Online Support (888) 417-4032

Wow MonsterFlooder, thanks for explaining. I did not know that more happens than bombarding their phone number with robo calls/automatically generated phone calls. That is truly awesome. They gotta be pissed off right now! And the bosses/owner or owners/head honchos must be EXTREMELY angry!

“Your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again…”

Me and my team on a server have recorded phone calls of various funny moments.
The call flooding software also records each call. — It’s fun to listen to them yell and smash their mouse. :smiling_imp:

Haha, I bet they damage some of their equipment when they get so angry, and not just the mouse! Then their supervisor or the boss gets angry about the damaged equipment! I bet they damage the landline handsets sometimes in anger! Yet they keep sticking to their life of crime. I mock them sometimes when they answer the phone with ONLY a grudging “hello” by pointing out that you do not seem to be enjoying your life of crime, you scammer! Did you choose the wrong profession, you stupid criminal!

Let’s just say an average call one time to a popup scam is anywhere to 14-25 USD. This is an example of a Popup I hit that cause more then 10,000 usd.

– Update: 15,000 - 17,000 USD