Lead generators

Lead generators are responsible for the robocalls and often the first operators who answer to phone. They are quick to hang up and transfer the call. The scammer will deny making robocalls because they are not the ones making them. The lead generators are the ones. You won’t be able to rattle their cage much and they deny everything. Does anyone else have any info on this sort of operation? One scammer mentioned “Lead Auctions.”

Leads National 954 376 6800
Results National, 949 346 9798.



So I received my robocall from Amazing Blue Vacations early this afternoon. I suspect there are 2 possible sources of the initial information distribution: Dinner 4 Two and BlueGreen Corporation via Bass Pro Shops. These are 2 legitimate businesses. It is my belief that they have shared my information with the lead generators. The common threads here are the BBB and Florida.

Another source for lead generators appears to be linkedin and suspicious headhunters looking to talk on the phone and requesting resumes. See woodjobs.com - the whole operation seems shady. Biggest connection I can see is that many of the recruiters are based in Florida along with all the other scammer call centers.

National Marketing Source

10 Fairway Drive

Suite 307

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Telephone: 800 996 7288

FAX: 561 828 0352

Sales Department:
[email protected]
Accounting Department:
[email protected]
Technical Support:
[email protected]
[email protected]

nationalmarketingsource.com, edirex.com - Please focus on the lead generators listed. They are the source of many American scams. Look on this website. You will find a form where scammers can sign up to receive leads. All the best scams are listed - vacations, business loans, home security systems, solar power, education, mortgage, and credit cards. They are all BBB members. The BBB is the source of the “can you hear me?” myth. They want smart consumers to hang up quickly, so they can weed out the gullible ones. The lead generator will deny being a scammer and deny making the calls. This is correct, because others do the dirty work. The proof is right there on the website that ties all the scams together with the BBB seal of approval.

@myjackcity#5576 These guys are easily scared and do not like being exposed. Also, the BBB is completely corrupt.

710 380 5000 number given by Vehicle Service Department offering auto warranty

Some lead generators are now protecting their popups with fraud protection software (ironically). Their popups will only display with residential IPs and a normal browser.

Robocalls are everywhere, I wonder what happens if google home answers the robocall.

Do you recommend CyberGhost or Epic Browser to mask my IP?

@myjackcity#5676 I recommend using a VPN or reverse socks5.

336 341 9660 credit card services want to lower your interest rates

Call centers in Florida and Mexico are down. Proof of the location of the scammers. Expect hurricane relief scams following Irma.


Information from unsecured loans lender regarding lead generators:

We have so many different lead sources. I have seen a few listed on here as I read the posts. Edirex, Lendio, Buyerzone, meridian, to name a few off the top of my head. With out a specific call it would be hard to isolate the actual source.

We purchase live transfers so yes the lead gen company calls and get the merchant on the phone and then transfers the interested merchant over to us.

Not sure what you mean by spoofed number so I will take the definition from the internet to make sure we are both on the same page.

Caller ID spoofing is a service that allows a caller to masquerade as someone else by falsifying the number that appears on the recipient's caller ID display.

We do not masquerade as someone else or falsify any numbers that appear on Caller ID. We do have multiple area codes in multiple states through VOIP provider but they are our numbers that we call out and receive calls on. We never hide this number or falsify it.

We do not pay to play with the BBB. BBB is a racket that takes money from companies to make them appear clean.

Once a merchant tells us they are not interested we put them on our internal do not call list that is what we are required to do by law which we adhere to.

As for the lead generators we get live transfers if someone comes through to us they have shown interest. The first question we ask is "I understand you are interested in capital" If the merchants says no then we get refunded for the lead and never call again, and if they say yes then they are a interested lead that we have paid for so we will call that lead daily to get documents back to proceed with funding before one of our competitors picks them up.

Simple economics will weed out bad lead gen. If they are bogus and unreliable then we will not be able to fund any of the leads they send and we will stop buying their leads.


Hey my email is [email protected]. Can you email me? I understand your struggle and have some info but I can not give it out on a public form liked this. I tried to PM you but it does not appear that this site allows. I believe I have isolated the culprit. If you are leary then make a one time email that you only use to email me.

@Mosesenator#14436 Find me on the discord.

edirex.com 877 334 7394

skytechweb.com / mcaleadspro.com 646 583 2152

buyerzone.com 888 393 5000

meridianleads.com 888 693 3330

infousa.com 866 530 1088