Howdy all

I just discovered this board and thought I’d introduce myself. I hope this is the right place to do it. I’m fairly well-versed in computers but a total noob at scambaiting. There’s so much info here it’s hard to know where to start. I’ve been watching kitboga and Jim Browning’s hilarious and inspiring videos on Youtube. While I know I can never be that good, maybe I can help waste some scammers’ time. For now I’m just researching how to get set up in a safe manner. So that’s my first post here :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard :blush: …well in my opinion I think SSA scammers are the funniest and easiest… There are SS generators make it easier … and burner numbers are the best to use … the more people that join and call scammers THE BETTER​:grin:…

Thanks! I’m happy to hear back from someone. I’m still getting set up here, down in the Jungle Room. I need a good phone number and a good PC. Being a paranoid belt and two pairs of suspenders kinda guy, I’m thinking I want to dedicate an entire machine just to this endeavor. Then for safety’s sake I want a second ISP account that I will connect only to my bait machine. Then I need to collect all the tools I need. I gather the scammers prefer Windows PC’s - any particular flavor? XP? 7? 10? 3.1?

Rather than a second ISP it’s probably better to invest in a VPN. I’d love to see the scammers try to connect to a Win3.1 machine but 7 or better is probably advisable.

A virtual machine would be fine - you don't need a second PC. There are tutorials on the tube of you and other places on how to set one up.

@elvis#156508 First , please install a VM (VirtualBox or VMware). Never call from your own phone. Call via BobRTC and/or TextNow number.

In case of tech support and refund scammers, I suggest you install Wireshark on your HOST PC. That way you may discover the geo-location of the scammer.

If you use, waste scammers’ time and money (in case the scammers have toll free number)

@elvis#156611 Windows 10 on host PC (or Linux) and Windows 10 on the VM. You canstall additional VMs in future.

Ah thanks, that’s helpful. I’ve been looking at SIP numbers since that’s what Jim Browning seems to use but they all seem pretty complicated and the free ones only offer limited if any outgoing calls. TextNow seems to get poor reviews so I’ll look into BobRTC first.

I guess the VM route does offer more flexibility and makes it easier to recover if I get syskeyed. I'm just concerned about a lad dropping some virus on me that can escape the VM and then go on to wreak havoc on my LAN. I've never used Win 10 - I'm more familiar with Win 7 so that seems like the easier option. I'm wondering if QEMU might not be a safer route than Virtualbox. Clearly, the more I look into this the more it seems I have to learn.

use an entirely different pc for scambaiting, something you would just use for browsing but not logging or anything concerned with personal details. Yes wireshark and a good VPN with possibly a second internet modem for the second pc.

I can recommend a bank, Northwatch financial services . pretty basic but it seems the scammers are still falling for it
And its always handy to get a full ID at a click
Americans use social Security number like we use Tax numbers ,but they are complex configurations , the year it is allocated ,where the person lives , these are all verifiable by the scammers , only the last 4 digits are usually requested .
these google pad things are basic browser only gadgets , i have used one but i also run a VM , its a downward spiral once you start setting up a VM , now you need a profile , a history. photos and files on your system .. scammers browse around looking for obvious signs of a bait, There is simple ways to add browsing history but they dont back date ,
Anyone know how to add back dated browsing history ?

You can be like LewisTech and have a Windows 9 machine. He is a funny kid


Hah - I love it. That opens up all sorts of possibilities. How about a secret leaked early release copy of Windows 12? Or the really rare Windows33 and a third (only available on vinyl).

@Andromeda#156684 Oh yes, definitely. I was looking at getting a new PC from Ebay, well used anyway but PC prices seem to have shot up lately,no doubt due to all the remote-learning kids going back to school now. So I scrounged around and came up with a perfectly serviceable **** desktop [1] with Win 7 already on it. I also located a brand new Win 7 CD that the Colonel gave me once to celebrate one of my gold records. So that’s all set.

[1] When gearing up to go into battle with thee scambags, the less info you reveal about yourself the better. I always assume they're reading everything I write here.

@drwat#156634 Thanks for the BobRTC pointer. That looks like just the ticket. I’ve also been thinking about the network issue. I think I’ll set up the guest network on my router for the exclusive use of my scam-trap machine. That way it has no access to my personal LAN. Tools I’m collecting so far: Virtualbox, wireshark, a disk imager in case the host gets corrupted, and a keylogger. Anything else?

The guest network has the added advantage that I can rate-limit its bandwidth. After all, the goal is to waste their time and what's more annoying than waiting for windows to draw? "Ah, sur, you PC seem veddy slow". "Yes, that's why I'm calling you - can you fix it?"

@elvis#156783 now THAT is funny!!

@elvis#156787 hey make sure you use Voicemeeter or equivalent to record calls, sound effects, background video (they’re all very fond of the Bhen Chod song that you can find on YT). Also you can have a lot of fun opening up several tabs in your browser and make multiple calls to the number and let them talk to each other. We want to hear your hyjinx and shenanigans


Ah yes, good point. I hadn’t thought about call recording and sound effects. We’ll do that too. Gotta watch some more Kitboga videos to see how he does it.


@FattyMatty#156792 the Bhen Chod song

So I see. Well I don't think it holds a candle to "Viva Las Vegas" but they certainly do seem to be enjoying themselves. So what does Bhen Chod mean anyway, "F--- you, Yankee dog"?

@elvis#156787 Since last week I have Android phone emulator. This is to cath cashapp scammers. 99% they ask you to use teamviewer using smartphone. This way I capture IP via wireshark (the moment they connect to my andoid emualtor)


Huh - I didn’t know about that. (I mean I know about Android amulators - I didn’t know the scammers were keen on Android.) What if you only have an EyeFone?


@elvis#156638 Ah thanks, that’s helpful. I’ve been looking at SIP numbers since that’s what Jim Browning seems to use but they all seem pretty complicated and the free ones only offer limited if any outgoing calls.

Really you need to set up a PBX server like Asterisk if you want your own SIP trunk. This can be done but it's a faff getting it to work.

TextNow might not be very good but it's good enough for calling scammers :)