How to set up your very own fake bank website, right on your own machine

Yeah, would like someone to report a bypass or if we’re doing something wrong here, would prefer VMWare because there’s public VMs already up.

I figured it out. Do not use your default gateway on your VM. Instead, use the Host PC’s IP Address. I tried that and it connected to my fake bank.

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Great work fixed on my end as well. My issue is that while running my VPN I’m not able to make the connection. While I don’t expect scammers to track me down Ideally I’d like to have my VPN running somehow

Turns out it works the same, just use your VPN’s IP instead.
Windows Key → “View Network Connection” → Double click the network of the VPN you are using → Details

Use the IP Address of that VPN connection. It should do the same as if you were connecting via your PC’s IP.

I don’t think you have to change it if switching servers? I’m not sure though.

For those struggling with a 500 Internal Server Error. A fix I found was to comment all the lines of the /admin/.htaccess file. I’m not sure what consequences this will have, but at least the sever works.

I just switched to MAMP personally, didn’t have any errors with it.

This is a great resource, but the issue I’ve been having is that more recently Scammers have been googling these custom bank websites on their computers first especially if it’s different from the major banks we see like Chase, and Wells Fargo, Bank of America. I’m sure good enough social engineering could get them onto your PC before they investigate it, but it seems even trickier especially if you want to edit the themes to be more realistic. This is a great tool though

Mamp is better for this but i also have a problem, when i enter the ipv4 gateway, it says that the site refused to connect, ive tryed alot of things and still dosent work, please someone answer me.

how did you get it working on your vm?

Works perfectly, I am customizing the default theme to look similar to a bank called Ally.

having the same issue, u ever fix it?

Please did you get it fixed yet i’m having the same error on my end

This is a fantastic write up. Thank you for doing it!

Hi, Kamakooz…
So you use the MAMP instead XAMMP to install the fake Bank?
( I use Norristownunion Bank), but I am afraid with that, because He did not write any names on it, and also is stoy in one page only,… Plus that the bank he gets known by this Scammers…
Can you please help me to find out how to get one Fake Bank account, using for Scammers? Thanks.

I had exactly the same problem and I solved it by following this person’s post on GitHub under the release of the bank software. It looks complicated but I was able to just use the default notepad on my computer to get it done and I have zero experience with coding. I hope this helps you!

I presume you got your issue resolved but if not, shoot me an email ([email protected]) or leave a comment on my YT Channel ( I got it all working pretty well. I do still have to get some new Themes as well as get a couple other Modules working more.

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Here’s something I would LOVE to see on there – The ability to choose what annoying ads will be displayed. I found the code for those but it does not seem to like anything other than what they’ve coded in. I would love to slip in an ad for my YT Channel, etc., just to mess with them.
One other item, I do not seem to be able to get the annoying logon stuff to actually work once the module has been Enabled, like I have the other stuff. If anyone has a tip on that, let me know here, or via email ([email protected]). Those sudden logouts and ads really make it fun !!

Hey guys, I’ve set up a almost everything and i’m pretty close.
Just can’t get past the verification page. When i click on “Continue to Verification” it keeps looping me back to same page instead of asking me to enter the key. i tried to re-generate and try again but still same. I modified owner_verify to 1 in the the config.ini file. Still no luck.

I’m using Xampp.

Hey im getting these errors when local hosting any help?
Warning : require(C:/Users/Kinne/OneDrive/Desktop/Apps/XAMPP/htdocs/include//install/Utils.php): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\Users\Kinne\OneDrive\Desktop\Apps\XAMPP\htdocs\Bank\include\Bootstrap.php on line 28

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Failed opening required ‘C:/Users/Kinne/OneDrive/Desktop/Apps/XAMPP/htdocs/include//install/Utils.php’ (include_path=‘C:\Users\Kinne\OneDrive\Desktop\Apps\XAMPP\php\PEAR’) in C:\Users\Kinne\OneDrive\Desktop\Apps\XAMPP\htdocs\Bank\include\Bootstrap.php:28 Stack trace: #0 C:\Users\Kinne\OneDrive\Desktop\Apps\XAMPP\htdocs\Bank\Index.php(19): require() #1 {main} thrown in C:\Users\Kinne\OneDrive\Desktop\Apps\XAMPP\htdocs\Bank\include\Bootstrap.php on line 28

This works great just tried it out using a docker container, better than others I used to use the kitboga-bank that was a hand done clone from kitbogas code.

I think the customization is really great in this thanks for sharing this tutorial