How to set up your very own fake bank website, right on your own machine

Yeah, would like someone to report a bypass or if we’re doing something wrong here, would prefer VMWare because there’s public VMs already up.

I figured it out. Do not use your default gateway on your VM. Instead, use the Host PC’s IP Address. I tried that and it connected to my fake bank.

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Great work fixed on my end as well. My issue is that while running my VPN I’m not able to make the connection. While I don’t expect scammers to track me down Ideally I’d like to have my VPN running somehow

Turns out it works the same, just use your VPN’s IP instead.
Windows Key → “View Network Connection” → Double click the network of the VPN you are using → Details

Use the IP Address of that VPN connection. It should do the same as if you were connecting via your PC’s IP.

I don’t think you have to change it if switching servers? I’m not sure though.

For those struggling with a 500 Internal Server Error. A fix I found was to comment all the lines of the /admin/.htaccess file. I’m not sure what consequences this will have, but at least the sever works.

I just switched to MAMP personally, didn’t have any errors with it.