How to obtain Scammer Numbers (Granny's Recipe)

Greetings, I have seen a large amount of people requesting for numbers and even methods on how to obtain Technical Support Scam Numbers, I am going to share one of my methods here with you today It works exceptionally well to harvest numbers quickly and also works to gain active ones.

Step 1: Navigate to and be sure you have nothing typed into the search bar

Step 2: Type into the search bar "keyword:" without the quotation marks

Step 3: Now this is where the interesting part comes after you have typed "keyword:" you need to follow it by the technical support scam, for example "keyword:printersupport" now it helps to add "number" onto the end of it to gain numbers and not just the website URL's for example "keyword:canonprintersupport" would be "keyword:canonprintersupportnumber"

This will gain you a LOT of numbers in a short amount of time and will aid in your scam-baiting.

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Happy Scambaiting.

This post is also useful for getting numbers as created by "Markiemm"


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@GrannyAnnette#50693 What about IRS scams or grant scams?

@Obsicius#50701 You usually cannot find them numbers published on Search Engines, as that particular scam involves the scam-centre calling victims, You can how ever find various websites that will report IRS numbers and you can find them that way.

It’s also a good idea to use tools and set the time to past 24 hours to get recent numbers.

Also I find simply typing support 1800 or support 18oo and sorting within a recent timeframe will get scam numbers easily.


Microsoft scammer

A method which sometimes works is to look up tech support scam or pop something within the words of that.

Then go images. The go tools and then press on time. For example then press like 1 hour or 24 hours.

Boom, you have images of popups. Not all work, but some do.

@BanterousSor#50966 That sometimes works but it’s not going to find you LIVE Numbers, the pop-up images are usually tied to a website that will find them automatically but they are usually days old and not functional at that time, you can how ever go to images and filter by within the hour and it will show you “adverts” with the scammers number on it.

Im confused, im getting links to numbers that dont work, any help?

Good stuff, I was actually wondering this just a few days ago. Thanks a bunch for the post and the info!

I’m just commenting for the Raja gif. :heart:

Indian not only scam foreigner they also scam local people.

they say that they will give you jobs and work as an consultant.

they say that they are from bank so you need to replace your Debit card

they make people greedy by giving some offers.

See this post replace/d/7351-scam-baiting-101-how-to-find-numbers-and-what-to-do-after-the-calls

It details how to get fake support numbers using typosquatting domains.

I use (Idk if it still works) I know jim browning and other popular scam batters use this site

I now mostly get scam webpages from ADAROSS, since I can get them faster that way.

@Obsicius#50701 been getting calls the number is 315-215-1669 i called back and they answered with internal revenue sevices bad english

@michaelh56#62475 you should probably make a separate thread for numbers next time

@GrannyAnnette#50693 That doesn’t give me any numbers just websites

how about grant scams. i need a grant of 9000$ for a new dishwasher. please hit me up