Have you been scammed by tech support?

welcome @ASri I see your interview thing Personally I never have fallen for tech support scams but I Watch Scambaiters Jim Browning Kitboga And Pleasant Green they are some good people to ask if they will accept an interview for your documentry.


Hey @MajorLeeAwesome , I’m sorry to hear that. If you feel comfortable discussing it, do contact me via email and we can talk more.


Unfortunately yes my family included. In 2013 we had computer issues and we gave away 200 dollars to tech support scammer’s. As for my self it was stupidity mostly buying things at discounted prices that would be to good to be true. Usually over discord or element messages. I even tried buying a hacked bank log at one point but it was a scam after looking into scam baiting I discovered how vile and disgusting it is how not only was I buying attempting to buy someone else’s life savings but I didn’t have a second thought while doing it. So I’m getting into scam baiting as a way to fight or annoy scammer’s to stop what they are doing


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