- Ignoring abuse reports & assisting scammers

I’m sure you all know about GoDaddy, the infamous web hosting company, which also seems to help scammers.

GoDaddy ignore abuse reports & don't shut down scam websites such as, allowing their illegal operations to continue. How they get away with this, I have no idea.

They definitely deserve a place on the Wall of Shame.

I've called them and explained everything about MyPhoneSupport, however they always redirect me to their abuse email, which never sends any replies, so I'm led to believe they just ignore abuse reports.

I urge you all to email [email protected] with as much information on MyPhoneSupport as you can. I want to send GoDaddy a message, that allowing scams to continue will not be tolerated.

Is it safe to say GoDaddy are scammers?

I just transferred my domain and my hosting over to Namecheap from Godaddy even before this issue arised. I guess I did it at the right time. :smirk:


@thunder#53979 I agree with you. Every time I email them a abuse report about lets say a fake popup, they never respond or take action to take down the website whatsoever. Seems like their “award winning customer service” isn’t so award winning after all.

I just emailed them. I also mentioned how some inexperienced scambaiters are DDoSing hosted sites not knowing the possible impact of their actions. Hopefully that’ll be enough persuasion for them to remove scam sites.

Godaddy are knowingly providing services to the scammers and receiving money for that service. That makes them complicit in the scamming of victims and guilty of being scammers.

HINT: If you want taken down, by all means, email Twilio, Inc. They are the telecommunications service provider operated their customer service lines.

Thought I’d share my most recent experience with GoDaddy’s ignorance of failing to do the right thing.

I was watching some videos of scam baiters and came across one from "ScammerRevolts" :

In the video a Refund scam site was used and clearly shows its used to scam people with. I decided to report it to Godaddy and included the video as evidence of illegal activity from one of their "customers".

This is the message I sent to them:


This is a refund scam website, the sole purpose is to fool a victim into giving remote access and convince the victim to fill out a phony refund form. The form is HappyForms by WordPress.

Victims are called from a spoofed phone number, told they will be charged for a continued subscription but can cancel and get a refund. Unsuspecting victims fall for it and are directed to:

From that page they are instructed to click the "connect with cancellation server", which is a Teamviewer remote access download, not a server. After gaing access, they instruct the victim to go to:

From there, they are instructed to fill out the form and open their bank account online, where they attempt to scam the victim by using the "inspect element" of the web browser by blackening the screen so the victim can't see them editing the html page. They pretend to have over paid on the phony refund amount and convince the victim to pay back the over charged amount.
At this point, they have access to the victims bank account and personal info they gave on the form.

I found this website from a video of one of those 'you tuber' people who do this to catch scammers.

Here is the Whois info:

Creation date: Saturday, June 8, 2019
Expiration date: Monday, June 8, 2020
Record last update: Saturday, June 8, 2019
Domain ID: 2399899437_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar:, LLC
Registrar IANA ID: 146


Here is their response:


Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for the message. GoDaddy does not allow illegal content on our customer's websites. However, as a hosting provider, [u]it is not our place to determine if the site you have mentioned is actually engaging in illegal activities[/u]. GoDaddy suggests reporting your issue to IC3 via

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) who accepts online Internet crime complaints filed by a person who believes they were defrauded.

GoDaddy regularly works with courts and law enforcement from the local to the international level and should we receive notification from these groups in regard to this issue we will work with them on the matter. As an additional option if you believe that you or someone you know have been the victim of criminal activity, we recommend you contact your local law enforcement as well. They can contact us directly to request actions as part of a criminal investigation.


Content Abuse
Digital Crimes


Image of the email:

Perhaps they didn't like the "extra" activity of what ScammerRevolts was doing, but it was still very clear he was engaging a tech scammer and the website was being used for illegal activities.

Godaddy's website has a help section of what email to report specific activities to.

I guess its for "appearances only". In the response, they said [color=blue]"it is not our place to determine if the site you have mentioned is actually engaging in illegal activities"[/color], so if its not a legal liability to them, they don't seem to want to lose a customer.

I did report it to a number of others who will hopefully take this seriously as a scamming/phishing website.

Another fake site impersonating a government website that was hosted and registered with godaddy. Site has now been taken down. Godaddy are complicit in the scamming of innocent victims and this makes godaddy a criminal organisation.


The only staff that GoDaddy is ever willing to hire is sales staff. Since they're low on employees, they have zero capability to investigate all the complaints they get (registrars also get a high volume of fake complaints).

It's also amazing to me how much effort they're willing to spend on AI on the Sales Department but then when it comes to their engineering staff it's laughable.

Anytime I go in to make a change to a GoDaddy account it triggers their dialers to start calling and harassing. Unfortunately for their sales department every time they call they're getting Lenny, or the girlbot who is barely audible for a little while that you have to turn up your headset volume AND THEN SHE'S AT A LOUD PRIMAL SCREAM VOLUME FOR NO REASON.

@MKHNT#97707 I just received a similar response back from AWS. They don’t care either as long as the scammers are not launching DDoS attacks or attempting to hack anything from Amazon.

Sadly the issue is nothing new. Someone was complaining in 2016 they had the same problem with GoDaddy: GoDaddy – providing a safe haven for scammers and cyber criminals – InfoSec Guy

gogodaddy does have abnormal amounts of complaints:

GoDaddy is a scam | Hacker News

(but a crappy buisness plan is not yet a scam)

their weak ass security has caused quite some problems:

and many reports on how godaddy is making it easy for scammers:

still there are also reports about them doing "something" about it:
in my.

all with all i would conclude godaddy does not take enough precautions en direct actions to stop scammers
They are not scammers but thy are enablers, making the way for scammers
that might be even worse some would argue

GoDaddy needs to be shut down and arrested.

There are scammers with this site hxxp:// which is a knock off of the legit site and the fake site is hosted by GoDaddy and GoDaddy are the registrar. Screenshots>

Yeah you’re right GoDaddy ignores my complaints about spammers they are hosting to.

@AussieScamBuster#157242 uhoh. poor ol ray/alf. his favourite website full o bad guys.

2021 and this website is still up, well imma give it a call cuz these scammers need to be taken down immediately

ow myphonesupport kept getting ddosing the last time I heard of it lol

The VoIP hosting service number provider that MCHelper uses is Bandwidth Network.

@dillpickle778 reported their phone carrier to its Fraud Department. This was their response:
![image notepad-qw1gjn00zxpng.png](

@thunder#53979 Netcraft will take care of websites that Godaddy refuses to take down. I think godaddy supports and encourages scammers. Godaddy should be shut down.