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Yes. As you can see from our lengthy discussion, I’m pretty adamant about us not being a scam.

@btowns9007#8244 Could you please link us to your official website?

Preferred Guest Resorts Complaints, Reviews, & Information

@Flinty94#8261 I have read all of these complaints and again, they are customer complaints. There are over 1,000 of them. We have traveled over 65k customers, and we cannot make everyone happy. I was just on the phone with a potential guest this morning and I ended the call because, even though she was interested, she wasn’t able to understand the promotion. She just wasn’t listening to the details. I see a complaint where a guest was unhappy because THEY allowed their vacation to expire and they had to pay a fee to extend it. There was some miscommunication about the rates, they were dissatisfied. That happens! Where’s the scam? I’ve worked customer service my entire career handling customer complaints and I will tell you, 50% of the complaints are legitimate, 50% are customers who want something for nothing. I’m sorry, it’s a part of the business, and it’s something we would like to navigate independently. please disregard that last one, I forgot the “ever”

There is a ripoff report page about you guys and a Facebook page for people who have been scammed by you.

Edit: The emails listed in the Whois aren't up to date.

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No one is denying that people are claiming they were scammed. What I am saying is these are customers who didn’t understand their packages. Out of the 65,000 people we have serviced, you have anointed yourselves judge, and jury from the 1200 dissatisfied guest compared to the 63,800 guests that were completely satisfied. Most of the people who launched these complaints, were taken care of after the fact as well; People just don’t generally pull their comments down. We should be able to handle those customers internally.

Do you make unsolicited robocalls to cell phones or do you hire someone to do that? Who do you buy your leads from?

We have several different warm leads, all from sources where the customer has shown prior interest. A few include Ticket master, live nation, Spirit airlines, AXS, Vivid Tickets, TV infomercials (post sales are routed if they select it). We have also done radio adds. We have had a few Facebook leads as well.

So Ticketmaster sells customer info… You don’t say?! So do you make the phone calls? Do you use robocalls? Do you spoof your number when you make calls?

Actually there is an add on the site after they make a purchase. It reads “If you are interested in a free disney promotion with discounted hotel accommodations please click here.” The customer inputs their information and they are contacted by us. I’m not looking to go back and forward, I think I have presented my case.

Do you spoof your number? Do you make robocalls? Yes or no. Your explanation makes no sense, first you say you buy the leads from all these companies, then you say that people willingly give you their number.

It doesn’t make sense to you because you don’t work here. I explained the process to you. Its called a warm lead as opposed to a cold call. The customer shows interest in our offer and then we respond. We handle both inbound and outbound calls. I would really like to limit the Q&A to your administrator.

Do you spoof your number when you call a warm lead? Do you use robocalls when you call a warm lead? Answer in way I can understand please.