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Yes we do use an auto dialer system that generates a local area code. If you call that number it is directed to our office. We are in compliance with the Truth In Caller ID Act of 2009. Notice in 17 years of business, no one has taken legal action againt this alleged fraud, and that’s because the customer agreed to the terms at the time of purchase. The customer is also given a 30 day money back guarantee. We have people who call 6-12 months later to cancel, which was not a part of those terms. We cannot satisfy everyone, no matter how much we would like to.

Not true, calling back the local number only brings up the poor sap whose number you used. Why not use your real number you are trying to remove from this list? What other web domains do you own?

They seem to be a legit company, in a similar way that debt collection / short-term loan agencies are legit. I don’t think anyone has proof that they’re scamming.

@memes#8329 You literally just got downvoted because you took a different position than your peer.

Answer the questions. There is a post on lead generators, perhaps you could shed some light on the industry. Oh and when some one receives a call and asks an operator to remove their number from the call list or presses 2, does that number really get removed?

I also think this is a legitimate company, for instance the OP was transparent about company (didn’t dodge any questions). He explained why a customer claimed that the company is a scam (because the customer didn’t check in at the hotel). In addition to that they have a legal registration number on the footer of the website and if you do a company search for Preferred Guest Resorts there is in fact a result for the company and it matches with the address listed on the site. Search for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Trademarks by Name

Yes and no. It takes 2-3 days for a number to be removed out of rotation unless the call is unable to be dispositioned due to system error, in which case the person would have to ask again. That happen once or twice per day. I just read the rip off report which determined that we were in fact legitimate. Check the link above.

@iChutya#8332 Be careful. You will be the subject of a downvote.

@myjackcity#8331 I feel like I’m not getting through to you. It’s like how I tried to explain to my daughter that there are no ghosts under her bed. It’s a never ending conversation. Upvote, downvote, asked and answered. Bottom line is, I would just like to be removed from this site as an alleged fraud. Like every other business, We have a legal department and any customer who we have willfully defrauded with the intent of deceiving them, has cause for legal action that can lead to collection of damages. That way a judge can weigh these accusations and the merits of the case can be argued by professional attorneys and then there would be a ruling. Thats how adults work. I respect what you guys do because scammers are real and they are harmful; but I have grown tired.

@btowns9007#8334 You cannot explain WHY YOU SPOOF YOUR NUMBER WHEN USING THE AUTODIALER. It’s to trick people into thinking someone they know is calling. You typically match the first 6 digits, not just the area code. You don’t remove numbers who tell you to f— off, you sign them up for loans and auto warranties.

@myjackcity#8337 Ok. If you say so.

@1337mathster#8243 Your input would be greatly appreciated.

@btowns9007#8338 If you do spoof your number? Why do you do it?

@scraps210#8340 It increases the probability of an answer. We follow all laws regarding this and we have legitimate lead sources. This is a practice used by many collection agencies as well. The customer has the ability to say yes or no to our offer. Good question.

@myjackcity#8337 Loans a warranties? Now I’m questioning your legitimacy.

You all buy from the same lead generators. You all work from the same list. And numbers are never removed from it.

@myjackcity#8343 Have we called you? What interaction have you had with us? What experience are you drawing from? You are speaking with the full confidence of someone who has been subject to this.

Maybe. Maybe. There’s only one way to bypass Do Not Call regulations. Claim a prior business relationship. That is the only lie you need. So you buy the list and claim they are warm leads from ticketmaster. Or “a relative referred you for this time share offer.” If you are calling real people who have shown interest in your deal, you would show your number and business name in the caller id and they would pick up. Or you could even call back and leave a message, because it’s not like you are harassing them or anything.

@myjackcity#8345 One day, you will be someone great; I can tell. Right now, you’re just hurling random accusations at someone who has done nothing to you. All you need is $35 and a credit card. Buy yourself an event ticket on ticketmaster, see if you are one of the customers who sees our add at the end of your purchase. Fill it out and wait for the call on Wednesday. Do your research and due diligence. Just a tip for your future investigative endeavors. You’re going places, just not with me.

Overall the site seems to be legitimate.

@memes and @iChutya have posted good points in support of this. We’ll have to wait for @R34P3R or @thunder to help close this.

Also, thanks to everyone here for having a relatively civil convo, unlike what happened last time.