Weird it’s not related to committing crimes & Must be a mistake of some kind. Discord really needs to focus more on cyber crime itself rather than banning a server because they don’t read shit.


I also received the same message

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I got it too, any word from Mo?
I bet scammers are behind this

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I just got this too, when I read this I was shocked and pissed. We may need to start finding more alternatives. What pisses me off is there so much crime that happens on discord, but heaven forbid we are trying to do any sort of internet vigilantism, we get stopped. This is a example of the case where some of the good guys get punished. Fuck you, Discord!

On another note: I have a feeling this has been planned for a while. you don’t just get a ban like this on discord without some sort of better reasoning. Even if someone in that server pissed off some worker at discord, that is still a reason.


So I got this as well on my Discord. I’m not sure why this happened… Is anything gonna be done to fix? I also don’t see it on my sidebar so I guess it got deleted.


yep, gone

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That or someone in our group pissed off discord/discord staff.

Has my account also been flagged? I’ve heard that I need to be extra careful because they are apparently watching what I am doing and that I need to leave my servers or something. This is coming from somebody I know who probably knows all about this stuff and it seems pretty serious so I do not know.

Pretty much all the servers I’m on do the same anti-scam stuff

Anyone who was in the Fear Toxin Discord or connected to it in some way shape or form did receive the message. No one knows exactly why they were perma banned. But It has happened and I don’t think we need to be bringing up more craziness on discussing it. As long as no one was doing anything wrong you should be fine plain and simple. Drama free guys is the best way to go. Happy Scambaiting.

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This is a serious blow to the baiting community. Discord cited facilitation of cybercrime for the reason of the ban which is bullshit. Unfortunately, that term is so broad, discord can say all scambaiting servers facilitate cybercrime.

The fact that discord chose to ban FearToxin shows how they would treat other baiting servers. For this reason, I no longer believe discord is a safe place to establish or maintain a baiting community.

My opinion, all scambaiting communities should rely on self hosted infrastructure that’s not subject to ambiguous TOS. If you use discord, it should be used solely as a gateway to your alternative platform. Unfortunately, this is not free, however if you use “free” products, (open source is a different story) just remember that you are the product.

Also fuck discord.


I’m speechless. Also sacked in the balls… There has to be a workaround. We need a platform on the web.
I am thinking of hosting it also. It would be like my donation to the community to help however possible.
Now I’m lost as we all are

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Discord used to be one of the best platforms back in 2015 - 2018. But when Discord started to realize how many users were starting to create accounts and use the platform. (which would be around millions of people.) They began to release Nitro in the beginning of 2017. That was the start of it basically. After a while later, they started to take action against servers. (at least, with checking in with the server, then gives the server owner a notice.)
But when 2018 rolled around, Discord slowly stopped releasing updates, giving us any blog updates, and began banning servers and the server owner as well while giving them an email regarding the notice of what happened to their account.
I used to own a 2K member server until my server was reported and deleted for no reason, including the account as well. (the account is disabled/banned.) Discord Report and Safety team seems to be focused more on pressing buttons rather than looking into details.
Keep in mind that Discord does use trackers to create fingerprints, they are used to sell your data over to other companies. (they basically give it to advertising companies.)

I’ve decided to probably pass down info on what alternatives can be best for FTScanner to use, it’s just way more safer and away from Discord.

  • Revolt Chat - its a chat platform REALLY similar to Discord and doesn’t have trackers.

  • Guilded - its a chat platform that Roblox gave funds to and works optimally with plenty of updates. (Discord seems to be stealing features from that platform the most and adding it to their own. It’s basically Discord’s competition.)

  • Matrix/Element - it’s a chat platform. (I haven’t tried it on my own, so I haven’t gotten any ideas what it feels like.)

  • Rocket.Chat - it’s a self-hosted chat platform. (You can buy their server or either host your own.)

In my opinion, you can try to check out Revolt Chat or either Guilded as an alternative Discord platform. I know that Discord is a great community to build upon, but it seems that Discord really doesn’t focus much on their own promises they once made to us. They promised to keep Hypesquad alive, but it actually died in less than 8 months. People still talk in the Hypesquad server, but the Discord staff barely checks in. Discord has serious competition with Guilded, because they recently stole features (Threads/Forums, Silent Reply, Server Subscriptions, 4K Streaming.) to add to their own chat platform.

Sorry for the long post, but I’ve been considering switching to Guilded recently when Discord actually started to go down the hole at the beginning of 2023. Discord releasing client themes, a silly little Discord Bot Developer badge, and random stuff. It’s so weird that Discord won’t improve their own Report and Safety team.


Nice post. Summarizes pretty much how I feel about discord as well.

Also, you seem to understand the importance of using open source and self hosted platforms such as Discourse, the platform that powers this site. This site is protected from prying eyes because scammer. Info admins own the data. Not a corporate entity.


I fully agree with you on the Discord matter. Liking those options above thought to make a safe haven for most of the dedicated baiters and hunters.


Hi! These are great suggestions, and they will be duly considered. Thanks for the help! To everyone else, thank you for the kind words, may we be united in hate against our corporate overlords. I am going to make a post exploring the future of the scanners shortly.


I got the same . I for the life i me cant remember what server it was and how it looked . Did the server change names ?

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It’s where the fear toxin scanners lived, they feed popup AI, PCH scanner and nomorobo into here.