Fake Tech Support Number

Fake Tech Support Number they are funny if you call them - 855-632-8334 .


10/10 hold usic.

made them waste 3 hours

You were on for 3 hours…

Jessica promised me on a date with her after she fixes my computer lol

@scraps210#9136 Cool.

Guys keep calling this number. They are really pissed because I keep on calling them asking if they like gay sex nonstop. They make you wait for awhile until they pick up now.

@scraps210#9142 Lol very nice. Makes it difficult to RAT them though.

@Starmute#9144 my bad :frowning:

@scraps210#9145 No worries. Tomorrow they’ll be back to normal.

@Starmute#9146 Most likely their shift ended early because of me.

@scraps210#9147 Most of the scammer shifts are already over by this time. But if you got it to end, good job man xD

The shift hasn’t ended yet.

@FuelDaFlame#9158 you got ahold of them?

@FuelDaFlame#9158 Excellent, going to try to RAT him then.

Edit: Can't get through

Edit 2: got through

Edit 3: he said fuck off (I didn't even do anything, chutiya!)

@Starmute#9162 He probably thought it was me xD. He had enough of me asking if he likes “Anal sex”

@scraps210#9168 LOL.

I am positive that they will accept calls tomorrow!

Lmfao just called and “Brandon” told me that scamming is a talent.

"Technician's" names: Jessica, Sarah, Sean, Brandon, Kevin, Jacob, William, Victor, Alina

got another name called Ryan. The amount of madarchod over the line is over the top lol. Tried few calls but as I went to insult them they hung up :frowning:

Tip: If you really want to get them, don’t say you have a virus on your computer. Sound convincing.