Fake Tech Support Number

@FuelDaFlame#9112 yea lol

Damn @theicebore248#9201

Trying to RAT them right now. Hope it works!

edit: attempt 1 failed

@Starmute#9219 keep trying man. You got this

99% sure I got him. My VM containing the RAT administrator was off when he ran the honeypot file though, so I won’t see it until he restarts, as it’s set to run on startup.

@Starmute#9247 Alright, tell us what you find. Nice job.

@scraps210#9249 I got him. Stealing some files now.

@Starmute#9254 You should put Lewis’s Tech Ransomware when you’re done. xD

@scraps210#9255 Good idea, if I can find it. It’s safer to wipe the system though.

Ooooooh!!! Just found the files containing his pre-programmed responses. This is gonna be really, really interesting.

edit: we're working on a way to spread the RAT to the entire network

@Starmute#9256 alright mate. Hopefully you guys take them down.

Having trouble getting it to spread over LAN. Still have one computer firmly under my control. Is anyone here competent with LAN exploits/worms?

Damn. My RAT lost connection to their computer – will try again later.

@Starmute#9312 Do you have discord? I want to ask you some things about RATting, I’ve been unsuccessful.

Did you forget to set process persistence and start-up?

@iCEMC#9316 Join Discord, StarMute and Me are there

@FuelDaFlame#9317 They were all set to on. Not to worry though - I hit another scammer with RAT today, so it’s all good. Running both njRAT and darkComet just to make sure.

@FuelDaFlame#9318 Alright I joined, what’s your username on there?

FuelDaFlame @iCEMC#9344