Fake syskey

Made a fake syskey, download link is: MEGA

in case you waned one.

I’d appreciate if you’d upload a virustotal.

@scambaiter633#9704 Will the scammer go for that one or use the real on in run what happen if he or she use the real one is run ?

@FuelDaFlame#9727 Hey the software is safe to download By clicking SCAN you agree to the Terms of Use of Kaspersky VirusDesk.

File fak​e​s​y​s​k​e​y​s​e​t​u​p​.​msi is safe.

The file is safe to keep, use and send.

I disagree with the scan results
Scan result File is safe File size 674.50 KB File type OLE2/MSI_STANDALONE Scan date Jul 17 2017 12:04:28 Databases release date Jul 17 2017 15:31:37 UTC MD5 8f2d60c46daf998aee78c4897af90b8e SHA1 a32af096515bf8192d38785ab559dd2946cb02fb SHA256 a8ed0afc1a329da398aea26710dbc2bcf8a06bca1d5e64833c5b7901041e4faa

use this link to check to see too https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/#scanresults .

@scambaiter633#9704 It worked for me a scammer got mad at me and say fuck you to me .

How does it work? Do i download it on my host machine or VM? do i delete the real syskey from system32 and replace? what do i do?

@bandbgamesroom#9744 No just download the software you can keep the real syskey the software will give u a fake software syskey .

@michael221805#9745 so i download it in my virtual machine or host machine?

@bandbgamesroom#9746 It is up to you where you download it at you can download it on both .

@scambaiter633#9704 What do you use a syskey for?

@WasteScammersTime189#9749 A syskey is when a scammer put a passcode on your laptop or computer or apple mac that mean when you turn off your system or restart your system a thing will pop asking for a password so it an start like this picture Imgur: The magic of the Internet .

@michael221805#9751 Oh Wow. Thx for the info. I might use it

@WasteScammersTime189#9754 Welcome .

@michael221805#9741 Oh bro that’s lit. You got a video?

@michael221805#9739 No issue as long as it’s on a VM, just restore a snapshot

@FuelDaFlame#9727 Where can I get that from?

@scambaiter633#9836 from this link Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal .

@michael221805#9848 ok thanks

@scambaiter633#9883 Welcome.

Wouldn’t matter anyways, he’d just be putting a virus on a vm