Fake Norton Tech Support

Scam Number: [+1 (866) 416-6340
Scammer’s Website or Email: Norton Antivirus
Additional information about this scam: scammer are active

Call failed/busy

Bandwidth.com line. Their website reveals their true identity as iToby InfoTech Private Limited at L100, 2ND FLOOR, near Jagat Ram Park, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092, India.

According to their ZaubaCorp listing, they were founded by Deep Narayan Yadav on January 16, 2017 with Aran Kumar serving as an additional director since February 15, 2019. Yadav also serves as the director of

  • Easy2Buy Solution Private Limited (since June 28, 2022)
  • iToby Healthcare Private Limited (Since July 4, 2022), located at G-13, Ground Floor, G Block, Sector 6, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301, India

Despite this, the company falsely claims to provide support for

Associated Facebook Accounts:

Associated Instagram Account - https://www.instagram.com/itobyhealthcarenoida/

Associated LinkedIn Accounts:

Associated WhatsApp Account - Share on WhatsApp

Associated X Account (BANNED) - https://twitter.com/HealthcareItoby

Associated Phone Numbers:

Associated Email Addresses:

Associated IP Addresses:

  • :us:
  • 2a02:4780:1:551:0:361b:a65b:8 :us: (Hostinger Cyprus)
  • 2a02:4780:1:551:0:361b:a65b:a :us: (Hostinger Cyprus)

Goody, we’re gonna have to give you the sleuth of the year award for your research abilities. Very nicely done! :+1:


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kindly check the post and delete all fake post which has been uploaded by fraud people

I shouldn’t be asking people to dox themselves.

NOT gonna happen scammer! :fu: And that’s NOT a thumbs up.

Oh really? One of the companies you claim to be partnered with according to your website is Microsoft, despite the fact that you aren’t listed on Microsoft AppSource as a partner. I also don’t see any certification proving you are an “associate partner” of Norton or Malwarebytes.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that your company was previously reported by other users on this platform for impersonating Norton since 2021. I was recently able to link your operations to that of Genisis Technology Solutions Private Limited in Hyderabad, who impersonated several other companies such as McAfee.


Please raise any concerns with the forum staff, if you have any profit that legitimates businesses are being targeted here then please let us know. We take our review process and our responsibility to prevent harm to legitimate businesses very seriously.

We review all cases and take action according to the evidence presented.

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sure kindly let us know what kind of documents u need, i will share over mail, only if u r legitimate or owner of this site

You may send any information or requests to admin[at]scammer[dot]info. We recommend sending the email from a company email address or via a legal representative on an official letterhead.

You’re a whiny scammer wasting our time. @deepak1

I actually need to read comments, because the e-mail address was posted in a previous comment.

plzzz check mail sent

thanks got u

Well did the ‘scammer’ claim innocence and legitimacy with the admins??