Drama.gg: A Toxic and Sad Community

I few months ago, I came across a website known as “drama.gg” (at the time known as winterhoax.com). The site is “the community for exposing fraudulent companies and people”, but I learned they seem to spend more time harassing and attacking random community members then actually searching for fraud.

I was drawn to the site because of its similar mission to this site and other sites that I am on, they try to shine a light on shady people and scammers on the internet.

It started yesterday when I posted a comment on a post with a note and a link to my related website. This should have been seen as helpful, and if it wasn’t, a trusted community member should have removed the link and give me a warning. Instead, the community took it upon themselves to raid and attack the site.

I was in their discord server when a member brings up my site and starts discussing it. I chat with them as they critique it. I debate with them about the critical points they make about it, which I don’t mind, but then it seems that everyone jumps on me.

For context I help a site that counts up reports for discord users and then, after many unique reports determines if they are risky or not.

A site administrator then provides the very mature idea to create a system to detect if a user is “sus”

Then some users decide to spam the site with false reports with slurs and other terrible language.


Then, Sloth, the site owner decides to join in on the action. He provides some valid criticism about the site. However, instead of leaving it at that (and possible ask his community to stop posting racist remarks) he keeps watching the community raid the site to prove a point I guess?

Then, a few minutes later, they hit the site off for 30 minutes. The owner still fails to ask his community to stop being racist and stop DDoSing sites.

Site CPU load during DDoS:

Watch out for this community, and don’t fall into the trap I did by joining!