Don't use your real phone numbers to scambait

Alright guys, I’ve seen it too many times of people useing their real phone number to scambait.

You should not do that at all as these scammers can get your personal information like your name, address and much more just from your phone number.

It would be possible for them to use your Identity to commit identity fraud or use your information to track you down and get you arrested.

Luckily there are other free services out there like FireRTC, TextNow, Skype and Google voice, these services allows you to protect your identity from the scammers

Stay safe guys

Thanks to @Markiemm for helping with this thread.

@BanterousSor#45695 I agree with you. You should always use firertc, textnow, or google hangouts and never ever your real number.


Also IPs

@BanterousSor#45695 any suggestions on apps for iPhones?

I thought you can’t find out much from IPs

@BanterousSor#45695 how do they do that though?

@Bigboy123#51224 TextNow


if you use your real phone number scammers can check records or something like that find out who you are.

I like using TextMe, a free VOIP calling app for iOS and Android. However, you do need to pay if you would like to get a new phone number. But I am using it as I can receive calls and SMS from it.

i use Google voice for scambaiting

I use FireRTC and Textnow, textnow has a tendency of not working sometimes though

Yes! Don’t do that! They will get your info!

I’ve been calling scammers from my real phone for a while now. Is there anything I should do to prevent any bad stuff from happening?


Don’t use your real phone number, use textnow, firertc, skype google voice ect.

Just don’t use ya real phone number.

A little off topic:

Are we allowed to share our own phone number (the phone number used for scambaiting that can receive calls) if you label it clearly that it is your own phone number? Just curious.

I’ve posted this method a couple times before but I always make sure my FireRTC caller ID is the same as my TextNow number. That way I can get calls back (although I can’t record them). I like the fact that TextNow lets me see all the missed calls and voicemails I’ve gotten.

@atomicdragon136#53286 You mean you want to list your number as a scam number? No, don’t do that.

@thunder#53330 no, I mean by just sharing your own phone number if you want people to help you by signing up the phone number for spam and scam calls. And labeling it clearly that it’s your own phone number.