donation scam

Donation/Charity Scam with robot! 626 205 9631

Police charity scam 866 487 4515

@myjackcity#10241 It doesn’t look like its a scam. What makes you think it is?

It was an unsolicited phone call. The number appeared on ID as local. I asked for their mailing address and they told me Alexandria, VA. I said that’s not a street. They transferred me too the supervisor who gave me that phone number. But still no street address. Why the local deception? Why the refusal to give a mailing address? It’s a scam. If you have any doubts, ask for more information about the charity, see what answers you get.

@myjackcity#10246 I searched their address I got from their website: 2331 Mill Road, Suite 100

Alexandria, VA 22314

and that address was associated to a car dealership

Maybe it is a scam.


844 792 7300 Women’s Cancer Fund

@myjackcity#13500 Post it in a new thread.

@R34P3R#13504 Are the other numbers dead? These numbers lead back to the same scammer. Another day, another scam, they will be the IRS next.

@myjackcity#13506 It’s better SEO if you post new threads. The original thread is what’s indexed first, if you actually want to help potential victims when they google search a number then it’s best to post new threads.

@R34P3R#13959 as stated the source of these scams is the same. You know that. They change scams daily. Also, how many threads are titled “tech support scam”? It’s getting pretty ugly in this forum.

@myjackcity#13968 Re-read his post again.

@scraps210#13970 It shows up as the 4th google result.

@myjackcity#13968 It’s not the fact that they’re all titled the same, it’s the fact that when one thread contains multiple phone numbers there’s a lower chance of google crawling the entire post, and continuing to crawl it each time a new number is posted. Also, if a potential victim clicks on the link it’s more likely that they’d see the first few phone numbers instead of scrolling through a thread with dozens of numbers.

@R34P3R#13974 That answer makes sense. As @scraps210#13970 just demonstrated this is forum is becoming a massive list of discussions called “tech support scams.” I’m not a moderator, but if that’s what you want this place to look like that’s fine with me. In case you have not noticed, to me protecting gullible victims is not a priority. Correlating scams and finding the source of them is what I have been doing.

@myjackcity#13975 It’s better for documentation if we maintain separate threads.


The scams are linked by a central database of victim numbers. The scams are related and should be grouped as such for tracking purposes.

Quoting the scammer who posted here:

"so I believe his information was put into our database by someone who wished to unleash as much harassment on him as possible"


Do you know how I get the numbers I post? I have and will continue to provide evidence in the discord linking the scams to a single source, upon request. Otherwise, do your own homework.

@R34P3R#14008 Do you read my posts? Are you interested in how it all works and rooting out the source? Or just talking to scammers who are paid to waste your time?

Victims and the general public cannot request assistance from police or authorities without knowing who the perpetrator is. I see headlines everyday about people getting scammed and the police are clueless because the number was spoofed.
Victims can ascertain that the scams are related with the following steps:

  • 1. The calls are made to cell phones (or land lines) with a predictable frequency.
  • 2. Give the scammer a fake name and email and watch the information spread like wildfire
  • 3. Ask the scammer who they buy their leads from (specifically the lenders)
  • 4. Go to the lead generators website and see all the scams listed
  • 5. check that scammers are accredited by the BBB
  • 6. watch local news with tips to avoid being scammed with the BBB cited as the only source
  • So it's not about educating the victims. It's about educating scambaiters who actually believe the crap these scammers spew. It's about getting word out to the public, authorities, and media. I am just an anonymous poster on a forum who prefers to remain that way.

    I am looking for support from you and the scambaiting community to confirm or deny these connections and operations. If everything I have posted is common knowledge, then say it, cause no one else has, I appreciate any additional information you or others can provide.

    I appreciate @Thunder#14008 for providing this platform. It's formatting and google presence is the least of my concern. And I have expressed the problems with starting a discussion for each number. Just go ahead and turn it into a badnumbers directory.

    @myjackcity#14014 im pretty sure reaper knows how these scams work.

    @scraps210#14015 So, confirmation or denial of how it all works from @R34P3R#14008 is meaningful. We are all on the same team here even if our goals are different.