Czone Solutions Tech Support Scam

@sjamaamx#171169 doesn’t work, out of service ;-; and I really wanted to spook them with this information

@liampeter#171600 so u want me to work in your scam company or u just pay me 1 btc coz I am cool? thanks for your kindness dear scammer


Hello Callcender,

Dear i am your father, How can you forget about your father. Mother F*cker

@liampeter#171612 Can I call you. So we can have a chat?

@Callcender#171466 reported Raul Gupta’s reddit account, also on the phone with google support to get these google accounts banned.

He’s been downvoting everything. Get a job, ya freak. you are scum! iDK how you could steal from people like that, go find a real job!.



@liampeter#171612 watcha dickbreathé

@liampeter#171612 Teri Gaand Mein Kutte Ka Lund

Now get banned and enjoy your company being slowly exposed, time to time

@liampeter#171612 Stop scamming people, get a real job, get a life, stop cussing us out, treat people nicely, you are not our father, and if you’re thinking of threatening us, leave. Don’t come back until you can behave in an orderly manner.

@liampeter#171612 In’s terms of service, it says you cannot downvote someone just because you don’t like them. This is called abusing the upvote/downvote feature. We can detect such manipulation, so watch it.

@liampeter#171612 You are so difficult.

Reported this whole scam center to the ftc, they at first thought I was an employee there, informing them

I think he made another account, he now downvoted me telling him to get a job

[“Czone Solutions”,“Czone Solutions Tech Support Scam”]

@liampeter#171600 You know nothing about us. What if we are employed? How do you know if we’ve been physically assaulted? How do you know if we’re going through a tough time in our lives? We know when someone, like you, is cheating. We’re reporting you. When you say you don’t want us to blame others, then who should we put to shame for fraud? Ourselves? When you say we should mind our own business and go with our daily lives, you’re trying to create a distraction so you can get away with scamming innocent people. YOU are the lousy one here, buster. This must be a really tough time for YOU. Don’t worry, YOU will get YOUR job. Your English grammar is terrible. You can say anything you want, but you will pay the price for scamming and cussing people out. We’re too wise and smart for your psychological tactics. Nothing can be further from the truth.

My friends, I apologize for spamming the thread.


@liampeter#171612 huh, what’s that I hear? Oh wait, it’s the sound of your ignorance, motherf*cker! YOU HAVE CAUSED SO MANY PEOPLE TO COMMIT SUICIDE YOU ARE A MURDERER

@liampeter#171598 Mr Rahul, we know you work with czone solutions, just because you aren’t busted doesn’t mean u people are legit.

@liampeter#171595 Aaaanndd, we have enough proof to bust your company.

@liampeter#171600 Not being employed is way better than scamming innocent people. Even a beggar begging on the streets deserves more respect than scammers like you.

@Wolf-Rayet#171755 Exactly, but you stole my words lmao