Czone Solutions Tech Support Scam

Their location: Google Maps


Phone number: 18552130098 / 18558790155 / +1 800 952 0926
Address: C7 235/236 SEC 7 ROHINI DELHI 110085
Contact Person: GAUTAM SINGH
Email: [email protected]

![image raulpng.png](

Phone: 9311615980
**Manager: Rahul Gupta**
Age........: 30
DOB........: 1990-07-30
Location...: Delhi, India
Phone......: +91 9953594411
[email protected]
[email protected]
Known Alias:

**CEO: Rajat Matta**
Phone......: +91 9899855631
Skype......: supportczone
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Known Alias:
Marketing Head and IT-admin:
Name.......: Rahul Arora
Location...: Delhi, India
[email protected]
[email protected]

Sales Head: Naushad Bond

Business Development Head: Neeraj Diwakar

Sales Analyst: Niharika Thukral

Web Developer: Abhisek Sharma

Senior Technical Support Analyst: Gaurav Saxena

Technical Sales Executive: Abhishek Sircar

Web Designer: Antika Goyal

Team Leader: Sahil Dhingra

Customer Service Rep:
Name: Monu Malhotra
Location: Delhi, India

Web Designer:
Name: Sonu Kumar
Location: Delhi, India

Team Leader:
Name: Kassang Tserign

Senior Executive:
Name: Kasang Bhotia
Email: [email protected]

Linkedin page:

That is a truly big one… and we are fighting them hard :smiley:

Adding some more info in the first post: LinkedIn:


Excellent job! Delhi locality “Rohini” is north west part of Delhi. Metro passes through it

Tel: +91-9899855631,+91-11-43572962
D - 210, Old Gupta Colony, Model Town, North Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi, India
[email protected]

All toll-free numbers are disabled

new number: 855 639 7555

some more info I found:

Raul Gupta:
Raul Gupta's Twitter:
(I verified his personal number)
his YT channel:
(suspected) Reddit:
his blogger:
personal address: F-111/1 First Floor Laxmi Complex School Road Khanpur
he also registered and

Rajat Matta:
(I verified his phone number +91 9899855631. He is using Vodafone)
an image of him (unfortunately very low resolution):
address: C-7/226-227, Sector-7 Rohini
his LinkedIn:
born May 1983

Rahul Arora:

Naushad Bond:

Neeraj Diwakar:
Emails: [email protected] [email protected]

nice find!


You are really using lot of efforts, by searching and listing above content. Tell your father to complaint against Czone Solutions. If you have this much of information, go to the police and file a complaint against him. Perhaps you are an X-employee, frustrating with your carriers, jobless and so on. Kindly share the working culture, what they actually doing in Czone. You can also share an audio or video clip, if you have.

@liampeter#171592 “Raul has to send one bitcoin if you want to survive”. It was a great joke. But, you have to stop scamming people man. Its not cool bro.


All your information given above is looking like real incident. Do you verify your allegation with proper documents, proof and more. These types of post are easily posted on any websites where your content is easily approved, and you are making the same thoughts that our competitor is doing too. Dear X don’t blame or a part of negative thoughts

@liampeter#171592 I have audio video of your scams. U want me to publish it here? Or u gonna send 1 btc? LOL


After reviewing your post, I think you are jobless and giving your most of the time to blame on others. If you think someone is cheating, then simply file a complaint against him. You are a party of lousy team members of developer or digital marketer.

@liampeter#171598 Im not exactly sure why you’re saying these things. We both know you’re a thief. You steal from foreigners. So why even waste your time trying to convince someone who is wise enough to know what Czone is doing. Just admit that you steal from people. Its easier to just admit the truth.


I know you are unemployed, frustrated and may be physically harassed. This is really a tuff time for you. Do’t worry you will get your job.

@liampeter#171600 Raul, just admit you’re a thief. And all of this will stop.


Instead of blaming to others, mind on your own business or carriers. Everything has its law, you can file a complaint against him, if they are cheater

@liampeter#171604 who are you?


Rahul Gupta?

Rajat Matta?

@liampeter#171604 You get to do and say and do what you want to foreign victims. Tell them they have viruses and demad them to pay when they dont have any such virues. Lock a victims computer if they dont pay. So tell me whats wrong with me saying and doing what I want to you?