[currently] inactive phishing site

Here’s a website that I don’t think has been noted yet on Scammer.info.

It is linked to by numerous Google Sites pages impersonating everything from banks to video streaming services. E.g. How to activate your Capital one credit card from capitalone.com/activate .

In this sense it is similar to the means used by the banking and crypto scam I’ve been tracking here.

But it also shares some features with the Web Infotech group that we’ve been discussing here.

I’m not sure that it’s actually related to either of these organizations.

The Google feeder sites link to


which redirects to https://connectdevices.pro/

with the error page here: Device Connection Failed ,

which says “Please contact support team”, but offers no way to do so. So it is either disabled, temporarily or not, or maybe has not yet been activated. Something to watch for changes.