Credit card fraud charge

Domain Used:

Fraud charges on credit card from CLEARMARKETSOLUTIONCOM 866-9488689 UT which is categorized as MANAGEMENT, CONSULTING, AND PUBLIC RELATION S company. Website:

The physical address listed on their website


409 Utah Ave, Provo, UT 84606 and it is a residential address (409 S Utah Ave E, Provo, UT 84606 | MLS# 1641414 | Redfin

) and not an office space.
And the Godaddy hosting shows the website belongs to a registrant in India:
Registrant Organization: InkGraph Techno Pvt Ltd

Registrant State/Province: Madhya Pradesh Registrant Country: IN

Note that InkGraph Techno Pvt Ltd has contact info listed as Ink Graph Techno LLC (Inkgraph Techno) which according to BBB ( is owned by these repeat offenders (Indian "Joshi" family has many scams). Their Florida address is just a virtual office address in the Datex building.

A simple google search shows that three other websites list the same address


(409 Utah Ave,

Provo, UT 84606) as their contact address. Those three websites are ; and
And these websites are registered to a Registrant Organization: Nova Tech Ops LLC
Registrant State/Province: Utah

Registrant Country: US

A search on for information on this LLC shows these details: NOVA TECH OPS, LLC
Update this Business
Entity Number: 11995222-0160

Company Type: LLC - Domestic Address:


409 Utah Ave Provo, UT 84606 State of Origin:
Registered Agent: Savannah Easterling
Registered Agent Address:
409 Utah Ave
Provo, UT 84606
View Management Team
Status: Active
Purchase Certificate of Existence Status: Active as of 10/21/2020
Renew By: 10/31/2022
Status Description: Current

Additional Information
NAICS Code: 4541 NAICS Title: 4541-Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order

All these websites “provide” SEO/web services. Looks like the Joshis are back with more fraudulent websites to add to their existing list provided by @drwat

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Digging further down this fraud rabbit hole:

Other websites by these scammers: ;
The same Malden address is used by this website as well:
Also at the same Malden address is: About Us | Malden, MA | Sunrise Postal Services

Domain Name:
Domains By Proxy, LLC Registrant State/Province: Arizona Registrant Country: US
Name Server: NS1.INKGRAPH.IN Name Server: NS2.INKGRAPH.IN

They have also used registered under RHAA LLC, also in Utah :

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Joshi family scammers (Indore city, Madhya Pradesh, India) back after two years


Back with not only tech scams but also stealing credit card info and more scam llcs

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