CarShield, fraudulent extended warranty salesmen for American Auto Shield, LLC

Scammer sent me a letter in the mail similar to the one pictured below, informing me that I have not yet contacted them to have my vehicle service contract activated and prompting me to call them by January 20, 2023. The letter claims to be from CarShield.

When I called the number provided, I was greeted with an automated response:

“Thank you for calling CarShield. To get information about protecting your vehicle, please press 5.”

I was then asked to press 1, then was redirected to Kathyanne. I did call the number listed on, and it was confirmed that they are the company responsible for these letters.

She will ask for your customer ID, mileage, and if your car is in good condition before transferring you to a “specialist:” J.P. He will confirm your ZIP code and ask how long you’ve had it, if it’s in good condition and what you use it for.

He did say I qualify for their “platinum protection plan,” covering the engine, transmission, drive axle, air conditioning, steering and suspension, electronics, water pump and radiator from and dealer. This comes at a deductible of $100 and a monthly fee of $139.99.

CarShield is a fraudulent vehicle service contract company with a grade of F on the Better Business Bureau, alongside an alert for poor customer service, misleading sales and advertising practices, failure to cover repairs and refusal to cancel policies or provide refunds. They are located at 503 Pearl Dr., Saint Peters, MO 63376-1071

Their parent company, NRRM LLC, was also subject to a class-action lawsuit from 2017 in the state of Wisconsin over misleading advertisements and violations of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994. The company has even gone as far as to [sue the Better Business Bureau themselves]( Microsoft Word - BBB - Petition (2804627-2x9DB39).DOCX ( for the F grade they rightfully received.

Other lawsuits against the company were filed in the states of Colorado, Florida, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma and Wyoming.,_LLC_et_al
NRRM, LLC v. Kingstar Holdings, LLC, Case No. 4:17cv01665 PLC | Casetext Search + Citator
USCOURTS-nyed-2_18-cv-03441-0.pdf (

Consumer alleges Carshield breached extended vehicle warranty by declining repairs | West Virginia Record (

Their contracts are serviced by American Auto Shield LLC, a fraudulent auto service contract provider that lost their A+ grade with the Better Business Bureau, who issued an alert for refusal to disclose the limitations of their coverage through the many sellers they work with. They are located at 1597 Cole Blvd Ste 200, Lakewood, CO 80401-3418

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American Auto Shield | Facebook

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CarShield (@carshield) • Instagram photos and videos
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CarShield: Overview | LinkedIn
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(800) 251-1548

(636) 875-1227

(800) 588-8501

(800) 974-9385


(303) 420-7488

Associated Email Address - [email protected]


These extended warranty bastards annoy me like almost no other. They way they prey upon mainly elderly citizens with their fake mailout crap saying their current policy is expiring and to act right now to avoid costly charges for repairs, when there was no warranty in the first place. I come across all sorts of these swindlers while searching for numbers.
Here are all the CarShield numbers I have in my database

8002146856 CarShield extended warranty
8002511548 CarShield extended warranty
8002532314 CarShield extended warranty
8002777170 CarShield extended warranty
8002788240 CarShield extended warranty
8004250147 CarShield extended warranty
8004254582 CarShield extended warranty
8005888501 CarShield extended warranty
8006157462 CarShield extended warranty
8006588440 CarShield extended warranty
8006979705 CarShield extended warranty
8008805514 CarShield extended warranty
8009168609 CarShield extended warranty
8009749385 CarShield extended warranty
8442024059 CarShield extended warranty
8442039437 CarShield extended warranty

Your databases have proven to be invaluable, sir. What would we do without your research? Thank you for all you do! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s what I do to shut them down
Searching for numbers to take my mind off of bad health situations as a distraction from reality and trying to make an impact before someone else has a even worse reality
On the bad days, which seem to outweigh the good ones tenfold, one day rolls into another and sometimes another before I collapse in a messy heap. At a minimum I search for 16-18 hours every day.
Dialing 75,000 targeted numbers across that timeframe is quite common. Picking up every scammer, fraudster and company with dishonest ethics can run into the thousands of numbers.
Unfortunately there’s no shortage of them to research and investigate

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(800) 615-7462 answering! Female didn’t identify herself when she answered my call at all however! Simply said “Thank you for calling CarShield. How can I help you?”. I was silent and first and just left the call, playing music from my computer that was audible from my computer on Spotify (Band is AVENGED SEVENFOLD - Aka: A7X incase anyone was interested in knowing my music taste lol), probably just gonna play straight up elevator/hold music.

NEW NUMBER - ‪(636) 875-5585‬