Cancer camp Lajuly

Scam Number: 504 334 1819
Scammer’s Website or Email:
Additional information about this scam: anna just called me looking to take some rough scamming up the ass …

Pakistani call center that won’t accept calls back. I’m personally in firm belief that the call center behind this was Sansom Consulting, Inc. in Lahore, Pakistan, who were known to make similar calls as Medicare advisors.


Thanks for sharing! Sansom is OBNOXIOUS and will harass people relentlessly. By the way, the VOIP scum behind this call is Brightlink. They were previously issued Cease and Desist letters by the FTC for turning a blind eye to illegal calls on their network.

Warning Regarding Assisting and Facilitating Illegal Robocalls - Brightlink Communications, LLC (

I think it is a good idea to email the FTC attorney who issued said letters to them to let them know that Brightlink continues tolerating their illegal activities. @Tillianne @MehNamesJeff @Jhawk @MajorLeeAwesome @drwat - it may be of interest to you. The FTC guy’s email is as follows:

[email protected]


I’ll shoot him a quick email.


Thank you!


Ditto…just did too.


I think Brightlink is definitely turning a blind eye to them, as I keep getting calls from numbers that won’t accept calls after being “reported for fraudulent activity.” I don’t believe these numbers were shut down at all!


Yes, absolutely! Brightlink and NUSO are owned by the same entity, I believe. And both are notorious safe havens for illegal robocalls. Here is an email to Brightlink’s Fraud team: [email protected]. I doubt they will do anything, though.

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Just personally waiting for the class-action lawsuit so I can get my share of the money they owe for repeated violations of the Telephone Consumer Protections Act.


Yes, it would be lovely. We just have to find what American companies utilize services of Sansom of Pakistan. Or perhaps, Sansom has a US office. Then, we can sue these scumbags. @drwat - if you manage to find this out, please let us know :slight_smile:

@MehNamesJeff dealt with these scamming Paki “habibis” a lot too!


@scamterminator2021 Just noticed this…"camp Lajuly’…damn near spilled my coffee on the KB laughing. Love the wit!


Hahahaha, yes! “Lajuly Habibi ibn Sayeed from Lahore, Pakistan”. Works part-time scamming and part-time as Taliban apprentice. A real gem of humanity! When he gets older, he may enjoy the luxury of living in the mountains of Afghanistan while employed full-time as Taliban “Journeyman”; no more robocalling, then! LOL