Call To Arms! Synergy Finance 917 967-6829

id love to know what you use to flood them! :heart::fire:

they are answering on 917 814 4940

I can hit them all for you. Just say the words and i’ll entertain them with alot of calls to these filthy rats.
2500 calls each number will drive them bonkers insane and hopefully never dial my numbers or yours again.

Secret of the pro’s best kept secret! you need a flexible carrier but you wont find one anymore

Oh so can I
I already have several VM’s with my own designed and built dialer entertaining 238 toll free numbers I also located today so far
A lot of them have resigned to the fact they have no chance…especially when I know every inbound number they use, they have to shut them all down and start again in a very costly exercise for them. What a shame! :grin:
I really enjoy being light years ahead of these stone age creatures.


We need to talk numbers. I have a database that might need to be shared and exchanged for both of our achrives.

y’all are flooding these guys so hard that granny isn’t able to get through to them to finance her business dreams of snuggling up every male genital in warm hand knitted willy warmers… gutted

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You’ll be incredibly lucky finding any scammers on a US number, who are active at 3am eastern
I took out a popup scammer I had in my database who my system found active and online at 1am eastern
That was the only one of two I found, the other was a PCH clown who was robocalling his numbers out for the day
He was active on this number

5167806182 PCH James Morgan prize patrol department claim code 85647 PCH (active , answering and robocalling from this number right now)
Good luck !

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Synergy finance just called me.
(917) 814-2962