BobRTC won't approve my sign-up

I have been scambaiting for years, before BobRTC came along, although I have never posted any videos on YouTube. When BOB came it made scambaiting much easier. It was awesome. Then BOB eventually made everyone sign up from fresh again. I had no problem re-signing. Then BOB asked everyone to sign up again. I think like three times BOB asked us to re-sign up again. I had no problems except for the last time. On the last sign-up the website wouldn’t approve me. I have tried several times since then, even today, with different emails and from the USA and another country and still BOB won’t approve me. The situation has put a huge crimp on my scambaiting activities. Is there anyone from BOBRTC who could help, please? Many scambaiters on YouTube know me by my user name if the people at BOB need references. I can give my user name if I am sent a DM. Thanks very much.

Same problem. I sent them like 2 emails… like a week or 2 ago - One of course being a follow up. Not a single reply to either email.

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Count me in too

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Same here.

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Yeah me too! How come doesn’t support BobRTC??!?!

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BobRTC will be shutting down.

I’ve never used BobRTC and I don’t care. isn’t related to BobRTC.

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BobRTC’s Sign up process shouldn’t be such a hard task:
“We don’t like skids or people who abuse our service”

How to fix the sign up process to block bots, fake accounts, alt accounts & Abusers/scammers.

  1. Use paid for entry ($10 is a good deterrent that keeps kids & Skids off).
  2. Do VC/Video calls on Discord/Skype
  3. Do ID + Selfie Verification (Least secure option due to fake IDs & Photoshop).
  4. Block Proxies & VPNs during signup
  5. Check keyboard layout + Time zone (Cuts down on scammers, should use other auth)
  6. Check computer name (Not really important but works).
  7. Force Location checks (Works best to keep scammers from call centers out).

There’s a ton of ways to combat skids, scammers, bots & general abusers. BobRTC Just won’t take the simple time to do what is needed to fix the problem

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There are tool providers that can verify IDs.

I’m not paying $10 for a VoIP service. I already get VoIP for freee.

Are you just saying that they should ban people that are from India?

What does it do exactly?

That doesn’t change anything. I’m not calling on video, and voice changers exist.

They can easily get around it, and it won’t ban scammers. Just because they’re in India doesn’t mean they’re scammers. This is like “ban Russians and we’ll get rid of hackers” (or replace “Russians” with “Chinese” and so on).


  1. Checking IDs isn’t really enough given the fact that tools don’t mean anything if someone has a selfie with an ID (Check Hacked yahoo accounts).

  2. $10 keeps the system running meanwhile it keeps skids out & deters abuse.

  3. Not Exactly the point, the goal is to put a full anti-abuse system in

  4. Checking the PC’s name can help keep down on abuse from returning people whom have been banned.

  5. Checking timezone/Keyboard layout does help determine location which helps cut down on the use of residential proxies that can obfuscate the location of the person who may potentially abuse the systems. I Do spoof my location & timezone but it’s easier to leave it alone than to go through the work of keep it it enabled.

why take the time if its shutting down?

Was unaware of it, but not surprised it was only a matter of time before it did. FireRTC went before this so not really surprised tbh

why are they shutting down ?

yaliqmadiq posted it on this post before yours lol, but yeah I have not heard much of it, my friend told me and yaliqmadiq posted it here, it sucks but whatever. With the issues of being sued and the costs of it and kids coming from Soup showcasing off BobRTC SOUP PRANK CALLS INDIAN SCAMMERS - YouTube even the title is bad, can’t people just use the term ‘scammer’ and not ‘Indian Scammers’ as not every scammer is Indian. No hate to Soup but could of hid BobRTC. Also what’s funny is how he hides the current number or his editor does but when you call a number on TextNow it goes down the list so we get it anyways.

I’d wish more people were aware of this, I’m a Russian I’ve scammed people and did other crimes but the issue is, Not all Russians are Hackers, Not all Colombians are coke dealers. It’s kinda a racist stereotype at this point.

Soup is just looking for content which kinda ruins the point of our operation, which than forces BobRTC to close down all accounts, than rebuild everything just to deal with skids and idiots. It’s why I dislike posting content, I Don’t enjoy having to do stupid shit just to protect millions of people but someone’s gotta do it because law enforcement isn’t doing much because it’s expensive. We’re doing what we can in our own time.

IDK, I was unaware of the whole “soup” issue, Given it has 1.2 Million views it’s kinda annoying to see people fucking up our operations just for clicks & Monetary gain



Same. Just tried to sign up today and won’t accept it :frowning:

same :frowning:

Welcome :relaxed: