BobRTC won't approve my sign-up

on the BobRTC site the message “Inbounds are offline due to a hardware location move”
and I am getting DNS timeout errors. Does anyone know if the site is just down “moving their servers, ect.” or is the site down for good. Just got my new stealth VM ready to go, was looking to return to scambaiting this weekend.

“Inbounds are offline due to a hardware location move” literally means they are moving servers or other hardware used to host

I am hopping that is just want it is. and not the site is closing. I just seen it last night. I am hoping that move and getting the server back up will not take to long. right not when I go to the baitarmy log in page I get a 404 error. hopping this is just down do to the server move.

Someone mentioned they’ll be no more soon!