BobRTC Has DECLARED WAR on Premium Techie Suppoat

For every call that completes to Premium Techie Suppoat, we will pay you 5XP credit when the call is registered as picked up!

For this contest:

  • - Go to BobRTC
  • - Enter the Phonebook
  • - Pick one of the numbers at the top and push the button
  • - Let it dial. Scambait them.
  • Yes, we will also pay you if you use Rapid Redial and want to XP farm using that method.


    image 2019-09-07-23-49-09jpg.jpeg![image 2019-09-07-23-49-09jpg.jpeg](


    This is fantastic, These people are scum and this will bring people out in force to help bring these people down.

    BobRTC is already a fantastic tool and thanks to the people who helped develop this software.

    This is such a nice way to relax in the evenings after a long day and even my partner is getting into this.

    I did a write up on these guys earlier, they seem to operate a large network of websites: (part of the PTS network) has a brand new phone number:

    +1 800 962 6606 (part of the PTS network) has a brand new phone number:

    +1 800 963 7987

    thank you for putting the numbers up. it helps.

    @IceMugger#108768 Thanks IceMugger! I have added the new numbers you found to the contest.

    Could we pin thread by any chance? You are all doing God’s work.

    Update: I’ve added some information about Brian Cotter, the CEO of TLC which has since turned into PTS:

    Love it! Let’s harass the shit out of them!

    1800 995 5952

    1800 984 1273

    1 800 912 9394

    the numbers I have for em all give a one minute speech I rather not listen to every time I furiously redial, if anyone has a direct line that works would be great.. I also tried last two numbers ice mugger posted doesn't pick up after music play s

    @newtondial#108801 PTS has put the “we are not refund scam” speech on more of their numbers but that’s OK.

    They have taken their two SupportHello numbers offline. SupportHello had been running nonstop for well over a year:

    @kenzo#108802 is offline, it throws a 403 error

    I been hittiing support hello for a long time

    i'm glad... it used to take fifty percent of my scam baiting time lol
    I have no idea who falls for pts scam thou with that one minute long speech lol

    @IceMugger#108804 Holy crap that has taken over a year to kill!

    SupportHello was one of my first scammers I ever dialed

    @kenzo#108806 Well done, mate.

    I love their professional demeanor when you call them out as scammers and they don’t break from script. “Since I am not getting a valid response…”.


    @kenzo#108802 put the “we are not refund scam” speech on

    Well, that is almost as good as saying "we have been caught scamming ", at least if I called a number and heard that, I would think twice before wanting them to help me.

    What a great way to spend a Sunday!!! Too hot outside and I really needed an excuse not to do yardwork!!!

    Unleash the hounds of war!!!

    NOTE: they even have a recorded disclaimer that they are not scammers! Love it.