Banned from accessing SteamRep's archived reports

Usually when I post information of a new fake gambling website or “accidentally reported to Steam” scam, a lot of the information comes from the archived reports list on the fraud prevention platform SteamRep.

The problem I have with this platform is that the community moderators and admins are extremely selective with their reports, to the point of marking reports like these as “invalid” due to their current investigative policies regarding phishing or account hijacking.

Even when I had to deal with fake gambling sites designed to simply steal my in-game items for Team Fortress 2, they kept labelling said reports as “invalid” and even restricted my account from reporting ANY scam on the platform.

Even then, I still continued reporting these scams through the platform, even ones which I hadn’t fell victim to. That is, until today, when I found that I can no longer access these archived reports when I’m logged into the forums with my Steam account. I can still access these reports when signed out, but I am unable to access any screenshots or chat logs until I sign into my account.

I guess SteamRep can now be classified as assets to the Russian government, because they CHOSE to ban me for reporting on the scams that THEY refused to deal with!