"Accidentally Reported to Steam" SCAMMER

Associated Steam Accounts:
https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199223737012 (SCAMMER)
Steam Community :: 76561199241765769


Associated Discord Accounts:
Mattie-Valve-Official#2793 (UID: 915632979840237598)
Mattie-Valve-Employee#9141 (UID: 944660885622890527)

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

After accepting my friend request, the scammer asked if I had a 2nd Steam account, as someone “impersonated me” and stole $120 in items from their inventory.

They will then explain that they “accidentally reported you” and that there’s a problem with Steam Support, urging me to speak to the “Steam Admin” on their Discord account - Mattie-Valve-Employee#9141

Upon communicating with Mattie, I was asked to provide my trade url so they can see if I was “really involved in any illegal or fraud/scam issues.”

After checking my “trade transaction data,” I was provided the following “error:”

“-System confirmed that it was only a false report in your steam account, But your steam account currently marked as scammer for owning or having suspicious items in your inventory at this moment, What happened? What do you think is the reason why you have a suspicious items in your inventory?”


I was then warned that if they “cannot determine the suspicious items in my inventory,” my account “would be deleted on Steam permanently.”

I was then asked the following questions:

  • Do you often trade?
  • Where does most of your items come from?

He then told me about the “process,” which involves trading my “suspicious” items away to their database.

I then attempted to grab their IP Address, but was swiftly blocked.


If anyone’s looking for those scammers, Discord picked up on them and banned Mattie-Valve-Official#2793 (915632979840237598).

However, the other user has simply changed their username. Here’s formerly Mattie-Valve-Employee#9141 (944660885622890527)

All screenshots here are from discord.id

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I have also come across these before here’s a user that I have found. This would be the second time.

this is an image they used with my info obviously placed into the screencap. I was able to reverse image search this post funny enough. I’ve been wanting to look into spam baiting maybe someone with more experience with this could use this account. In the image, you can see the “steam admin’s” discord ID.


This is a bit of a more TLDR explaination about this scam

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