Are you missing roles?

Are you missing any roles since we migrated? If so please post here or send me a private message & I’ll replace your lost user roles.


Yes I Have Missing Role Its Scambaiter Role

@Busters fixed


I used to have the verified role before the switch
Thank you for adding my role back!

I had Trusted.

Trusted User is missing or I glossed over it.

i used to have verified and well know mark.

I had verified role.

fixed @DrFunfrock

fixed @alesthebait

i cant see my scambaiter role

I don’t think the scambaiter badge is visible, but you have it.


I don’t have the verified role

I dont have my owner role i had :wink:

You only had the trusted role previously


You already have that role


I used to have trusted, I think, or possibly verified before the switch. I appear to have lost some privileges in the move - it won’t let me post more than 3 times in any thread ATM.

Thanks in advance