"american health marketplace" / "health enrollment centre" - "AMBETTER" policy

Telemarketing Sales Rule is quite specific and rigid in nature and is heavily regulated by the FTC. These telemarketing callers MUST disclose a number of things about themselves in a very specific manner and sequence. They are NOT doing it, and it’s illegal.

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Beautiful work Jeff

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The BBB are nothing but a glorified and legitimized fucking scam in itself.
With paid for ratings regardless of wrongdoing or garbage scores. I have seen companies who they give A+ ratings to, who have thousands of complaints , often dozens daily with serious complaints such as credit card fraudulent charges etc.
They don’t give a fucking rats arse as long as the companies pay them handsomely, they are rewarded for their dollar contributions. I also have little doubt a lot of that cash finds its way into the pockets of many within that shit show of an organization


The BBB is just as Andrew stated. A review site. Nothing more. I try not to judge them as harshly as others because of that fact alone. I believe that that ultimately still do a fair job even though they may not be as effective as they once were. It just seems to take them a long time to catch on or admit patterns of fraud sometimes. A lot of people get them mixed up with the Consumer Protection Agency (Not saying you did) who would actually not only give you info on the business in question, but would have the teeth to go after them also.


American Health Marketplace was warned to follow the TSR and TCPA in a letter from various Attorney Generals from multiple states. They’ve been duly warned of the law and a follow up to the State Att Generals might be helpful. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/attorneygeneral/documents/pr/2023/ma23-32-comments.pdf


@MehNamesJeff Since these scumbags are located in Florida, I recommend reporting them to the FL Bureau of Insurance Fraud. There are emails of their officers here:

Insurance Fraud (myfloridacfo.com)

These are legitimate law enforcement officers who may be interested in proceeding with this case.

Looks like you need these folks:

400 N Congress Avenue, Suite 250
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 837-5601
[email protected]

Lt. Francisco Gonzalez
Lt. Laura Tapanes
1400 W Commercial Bvd, Suite 135
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309
[email protected]
[email protected]

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Sorry, it’s been a minute since posting but have you tried the AGs’ office in Florida?

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I got this text message with the exact amount and date my actual insurance starts. I called the number on my insurance card and asked them if i owed any money and they said that i was all paid up.

URGENT message from your health insurance agency regarding your AMBETTER health policy. Your coverage beginning June 1, 2024 requires a payment of $88.10 prior to June 1, 2024. If payment is not received you’re at risk of losing coverage for 2024. Please call 1-888-835-8730 to pay balance or go over other plan options to continue your health coverage

I then called the number in the text and asked why are they saying i owe money when i called the insurance company directly and they said i was all paid up. They then asked for my personal information and i told them im not comfortable giving that in this situation, she then got flustered and hung up on me.
Definitely some shady shit going on here.



Known to be linked to AMERICAN HEALTH REFORM SOLUTIONS LLC. I’ve already posted about them, scroll up. Big pieces of shit and S.O.B’s running the shitshow, no doubt!


Also under “American Health Marketplace”



@OfclyGoodenough @scamterminator2021 Fellow colleagues.

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I called the 754 number and got Reggie from American Health Marketplace and he sounded like an African American trying to sell me insurance. The same with the 866 number.


HANG ON! NEW INTEL TO ADD TO THIS. @JusticeinTexas @OfclyGoodenough @scamterminator2021

I just checked my Talkatone, I haven’t looked in around Four days now as I haven’t had much time to scambait lately - Two days ago, it turns out that I got a text from +1 (833) 307-0987 that reads the following Immediate Action Required: Your health insurance policy needs your attention. Call now at +1 (888) 525-1595. Reply stop to end notices.

Obviously a scam/shady but I haven’t had one of these texts in a long time goddamn, I don’t live in the U.S.A as well as my number is of course known by you guys to be on the Federal DNC (Do Not Call List) as it has been for a few years now and I don’t have health insurance at all even where I live because I don’t need it lol.

(833) - One ring hang.
(888) - Answering. Americans, bastards! “HEALTH ENROLLMENT CENTRE MARKETPLACE” Guy was claiming 2024 hippa law regulations, biden adminstration updated it and somehow it’s causing me to re-enroll my non existent policy for some stupid fake ass reason. As soon as I asked him to verify who he works for, he hung up. Ask for “Mike”, he’s mouthy too - Unprofessional for someone who’s supposed to be legit, claims he’s a Licensed Benefits Coordinator or whatever, my ass. “Henry” said no website, another lady told me to go to www.healthcare.gov and immediately hung up. Seems to be same set of people first, before they transfer you to someone else.




this is going to be a field day, I bet!

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+1 (888) 525-1595

update: idiot asked me if I wanted health insurance

not quite sure that’s apart of the script as I’m supposed to reach out to them to find out what’s wrong with my non existent health insurance policy, per their claim something is wrong.

they do chat a lot of garbage and are extremely skeptical.

another guy told me they are just a marketplace but claimed the name of their company is: Better Health Associates when I asked for the company email seeing as he also told me to go to the healthcare.gov website, he then said it’s betterhealthassociates.com @OfclyGoodenough think this may be of interest to you, to check this info out.


The company is listed as operating out of 3215 NW 10th Ter, Suite 212, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. User complaints on their Google and BBB listings indicate patterns of fraudulent behavior, such as:

  • Buying information from fraudulent lead generators to make fraudulent robocalls from other states.
  • Running malicious advertisements falsely claiming the federal government is giving a $5,800 monthly allowance to migrants.
  • Sending 5/11 telemarketing calls per day and refusing to place the recipients on their do-not-call list.
  • Falsifying their customers’ income.
  • Stealing commissions from their agents.
  • Falsely selling insurance plans and asking their customers to provide personal information, including their Social Security numbers.
  • Opening fraudulent insurance claims under their customers’ names.
  • Repeatedly calling individuals whose numbers are on the federal do-not-call registry and falsely claiming that the TCPA doesn’t apply to them as they are a private company.

The company was also sued for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the Middle District of Florida, though the case was dismissed with prejudice on March 25, 2024.

The company was also sued in the Southern District of Florida for violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, though the case was voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff on December 4, 2023.


The company was also sued in the Middle District of Florida for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Associated LinkedIn accounts:

Associated Phone Numbers:

  • (888) 835-8730 (Airespring)
  • (866) 598-3785 (Comet Media, parked for pick-a-scam)

Associated Email Addresses:

With all of this information in mind, the post has been moved to the Wall of Shame.


@OfclyGoodenough see above new comment! also good finds!


GoDaddy domain, the company claims to operate from a trailer park in Opa-locka, Florida.

Associated Phone Number - (855) 994-3130 (RingCentral)

Associated Email Address - [email protected]


“Henry” is a big asshat, continues to just hang up on me out of the others of course including but especially him at this moment. I pointed out it’s funny how none of them can keep their stories straight of who they claim to be. One says they are this - marketplace - as such with no page somehow, whilst one says to go to the healthcare.gov page and now one of them claims they are operating under BHA (BETTER HEALTH ASSOCIATES).

I called back again, and magically, got him - I questioned what he does, whether that’s purely hanging up on people especially when he hears something he may not liked or what? and I asked him again so simply that are they just a marketplace as they originally stated or BHA (Better Health Associates)? As soon as I said the BHA (Better Health Associates), he hung up again!


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@OfclyGoodenough Another guy, his name was inaudible - not that I care too much. Claimed they were not BHA, claimed they were whatever marketplace FOR MEDICA(RE) OR AID I can’t remember which one he said. HMMMM All of a sudden they are mentioning medicare/aid??? WHERE’S THIS NEW SCRIPT UPDATE COME FROM??

INCREDIBLY STINGY & Rude. Hung up when I too questioned how they couldn’t keep their stories straight, also pointed out how the others were cussing me out and he was claiming no one cussed me out although I specifically said it wasn’t him. Kept talking rubbish and wouldn’t really let me speak.

Oh boy, does it just keep getting worse for them!?

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This place has a few offshoot entities

8666101014 American health marketplace https://americanhealthmarketplace.com/
8885107488 American health marketplace https://americanhealthmarketplace.com/
8884020358 American health marketplace https://americanhealthmarketplace.com/
8888358730 American health marketplace https://americanhealthmarketplace.com/
8887192540 American health marketplace American Health Marketplace - AHM American Health Marketplace - AHM
8449444542 GlicRx (American health marketplace) https://glicrx.com/
8009844031 GlicRx (American health marketplace) https://www.glichealth.com/
8446308300 GlicRx (American health marketplace) GlicRX Prescription Discount Card on Vimeo
8004424915 The Brokerage Inc