American Amicable, a TCPA-violating insurance provider SUED by the SEC

Scam number: (986) 666-6934 (Fractel)
Call Center Location: Islamabad, Pakistan :pakistan:
Calls as: “American Benefits”
Verification Officer: “Jonathan Watson”
Licensed Agent: American Amicable


The scammer sent a fraudulent cold call to my PBX number in regards to my local final expense benefits such as burial, funeral or cremation expenses before transferring me to their “verification officer,” who attempted to sign me up for an insurance plan from the American Amicable Group of Companies, which all operates from the Alico Building at 425 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701.

These companies include

  • The American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas
  • The iA American Life Insurance Company
  • The Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina
  • The Pioneer American Insurance Company
  • The Pioneer Security Life Insurance Company

User complaints on their Google, Yelp, and BBB listings indicate patterns of fraudulent behavior, such as:

  • Using delay tactics, deceptive practices and a lack of communication
  • Repeatedly sending soliciting cold calls through third-party call centers in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
  • Refusing to cancel existing plans or offer refunds.
  • Taking advantage of active service members who never signed up for their services.
  • Hacking the banking information of their customers
  • Spoofing local phone numbers in violation of the Truth in Caller ID Act.
  • Making soliciting cold calls falsely claiming it was on the behalf of the recipients’ mortgage lender.
  • Making aggressive door-to-door solicitations and asking their customers to pay through CashApp
  • Starting insurance plans without prior consent from the customers.
  • Falsely signing customers up for a flat rate that actually jumped to thousands of dollars per month.

The company was sued by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2006 for a sales tactic that misled U.S. military personnel into believing their “horizon life” plan would make them millionaires in violation of Sections 17(a)(2-3) of the Securities Act of 1933. The company agreed to settle these claims by paying $10 million to 57,000 affected military personnel and terminating their deceptive sales program, otherwise dubbed the “building success” system.

The company was also sued for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in the states of Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas

Associated LinkedIn Accounts:

Associated Phone Numbers:

  • (254) 297-2777 (Grande Communications Networks)
  • (800) 756-7311 (Crossbow Telecom, parked for the Medical Alert Center)

Associated Email Addresses:

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NEW COLD CALL - (302) ##-#### (Vonage, using Get Contact Assistant)

Scammer tried to sell me a life insurance plan, but hung up when I falsely claimed to reside in Connecticut.

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NEW COLD CALL - (302) ##-#### (Onvoy via Sinch Voice, fax line)
Agent: “James”
Product Specialist: “Chris from Final Expense Department”
Call Center Location: Pakistan :pakistan:

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NEW COLD CALLS - (302) ##-#### (Comcast), (216) 677-7518 (BUSY Fractel), (334) 423-8096 (BUSY Onvoy via Neutral Tandem)
Product Specialist: “John Davis with Senior Cares”
Senior Specialist: “Tom with the Final Expense Department”
Call Center Location: Pakistan :pakistan:

Instead of falsely claiming I reside in Connecticut, I falsely claimed I reside in Dearborn, Michigan. I played the Bhenchod Song when they asked for my exact height and weight.

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