Accurate Financial, LOAN SCAMMERS DBA "Relief Advisory Agency/US Dept of Economic Impact Assistance"

Scammer’s number - (209) 432-9907


NEW PHONE NUMBER - ‪(929) 583-6573‬


NEW NUMBER - ‪(270) 429-4556‬


Scammers are now using overseas call centers to screen calls, requiring victims to provide their names, home addresses, email addresses, date of birth and SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER for a “credit check”

NEW NUMBER - ‪(805) 334-2222‬


I think I need to go back to my logs and see how many different calls I got that when called back answered as “Accurate Financial” (and the one that was “J.G Wentworth” one time), and see if any answer with a different name.
It’s been awhile since I heard from them or called any of their numbers, but with two calls in September from their 833-number, I might have the beginnings of a TCPA action.
Kind of a moving target, ain’t they?

That makes sense. I’ll start logging the area codes of the outgoing calls. Thanks.
I’ve got a bunch of calls that (in the earlier days of logging them) I noted only as “debt elief scam.” I’m going to call those numbers, and any that I logged as being answered “Accurate Financial,” and see if they’re still active and still answering with that name.
If I can get an “agent” to say where their corporate office is, I might file a TCPA lawsuit. Not having any luck with PACER or UniCourt for TCPA actions against Accurate or J.G. Wentworth. I’ll search with some of the other names I’ve seen here.

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The scammers are back, this time posing as the “US Department of Economic Impact Assistance.”

NEW NUMBER - (219) 273-9355

“Hello, this is Margaret with the US Department of economic impact assistance. How are you today?”

NEW NUMBER - (520) 657-6920


NEW NUMBER - ‪(838) 325-0779‬


I went down all the numbers on this post today on May 26 2023 and found 3 working numbers still The first is from a call center who takes your personal info & connects you to a lawyer based on your situation. Sound familiar? But the woman I spoke to was super nice and answered all questions along with stating their call center name (Tort Intake Professionals) & directing me to their website while stating that they could give me a list of lawyers they work with as well. That’s already way more than any other scam intake center normally gives so I’m pretty sure they are the real deal. She also told me that I wasn’t the first one to call asking about some financial scam but she assured me that it wasn’t them. She explained that someone hijacked a lot of their phone numbers to make outgoing calls but those same numbers would still function as normal if people called in. Needless to say she said their company scrubbed the phone numbers they detected as problematic which is why some of them have just dead air now) or just dropped them alltogether. The other number I found 916-610-9585 went to a call center calling themselves CRC or Consumer Relief Center and is definitely a scam. I’m not sure if it’s still the same group of people but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. They are very rude and nasty & loved to argue. The other number was 929- 583-6573 and a recorded message plays stating you’ve reached CRC processing & to leave a message. Monday morning can’t come soon enough!

I think this is who you are talking about
I’ve found them on hundreds of numbers. They’re fraud artists who were running a massive camp Lejeune robocalling campaign scam a few months back.

These are two of their active numbers, but I know there is a whole lot more around, which I didn’t record into my database when I came across them.

9178147780 Tortx claim lawyers (robocallers)
8554668200 Tortx claim lawyers (robocallers)

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Wow! Thank you for that windfall of info once again. What I meant to say was that 916-610-9585 & 929-583-6573 were calling themselves CRC/Consumer Relief Center & may be the same scammers from before calling themselves Legal Group P.C./US department of Economic Impact Assistance.

The 888-822-8972 number I didn’t list in my earlier post because they seemed legit. I talked to 1 female & 4 males total. All of their stories added up & they were pretty transparent in answering any questions I had about them & their company. All except 1 guy who gave me their name but called themselves “Tort Intake Center” instead of Tort Intake Professionals. When I told him the purpose of my call he seemed nervous & tried to assure me that their business wasn’t a scam. He then hung up on that call & on 2 or 3 repeated calls that he obviously picked up.

That made me suspicious again but I wrote it off as he may have been a new employee & they all stated they were still getting calls from people like me asking about the previous businesses scince acquiring that phone number a little less that a year ago. I still believe That the Tort Intake Professionals number is legit but after talking with that one guy & reading the info you posted on the scammers calling themselves TortX Law, my confidence is abit shaken again. They do have a website They have no other social media on their company except a few links I found about employee reviews along with a couple job postings. It looks like they take walk in interviews adding some legitimacy to them once again. Here are those links if anyone wants to take a gander.,36.htm

The other numbers from my previous post were definitely a scam but these “Tort Intake Professionals” really have me second guessing now. Once again their number was 888-822-8972 could someone please call them & give your opinion on whether or not you think they are scammers. Thank you.

This number is an auto dealer.
They have nothing to do with any scam
Recording supplied below


Something funny is definitely going on here because that number was Tort Intake Professionals when I called it. I just called it recently on Tuesday May 30 2023 at 2:00 PM and they answered as Tort Intake Specialists again. I called from a non spoofed blocked number as well. This needs to be looked into further by someone with more experience than just me.

I’ll call them multiple times consecutively from multiple numbers and see if they differ at all on any of them

Every one of them was the auto dealership…no Tort intake in sight
I connected to the service department and the parts department

It’s an auto dealership because my dumb ass mixed up the first 2 digits in the number that I actually called. The Tort Intake Professionals is 888-822-9872. Sorry about that.

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NEW NUMBER - (855) 933-0922


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NEW NUMBER - (888) 337-2575

@MehNamesJeff caught them accepting calls as the “Debt Resolution Bureau,” further linking them to Processing Services, LLC, DBA Student Loan Aid at 4931 Birch St., Newport Beach, CA 92660

The company has a 1-star review on the Better Business Bureau, as users were being charged $749/month for fake loan payments.

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Still hitting these mf’s hard! :joy:

The company has possible ties to Americor, TCPA-violating loan scammers who promote a “hardship relief program” under multiple names such as Credit 9.

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