A beginner needing help

I only recently learned about scam baiting and I want to learn how to do it. I’ve seen people like Jim Browning and Pierogi and they seem like they know what their doing. Is there a way for you guys to introduce it to me and teach me how to be a scam baiter?


Use fake EVERYTHING … use text now 2nd line … There is generators for banks CCs. Name address SS … Everything u need …
Welcome and have fun 2😄

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Thank you so much!
I get what you’re saying but half of that I don’t really understand. I know it sucks to use your real number but other than that, I’m completely clueless. Is there a book or an article that explains scam baiting to a beginner?

Watch kitboga or Jim Browning youtube videos … Trilogy media
. boda . all good examples of scam baiters


I will definitely check them out. What do you mean by “use text now 2nd line” and “There is generators for banks CCs.”?
Thank you so much for your help!

Textnow 2nd line phone apps
For calling … Generators to make fake name …bank … On internetx

Jim Browning and Pie are pretty big baiters, but if you want to start and “dip in your toe” maybe just begin by simple and quick calls?
Textnow.com is a service for online calls, on a browser or as an app. Look into that first to make sure you have a number with them or any VOIP so you never use your real phone. If you call and they want to connect to your computer, just PLEASE make sure you have a VM or just hang up!

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Hi @Lawav, welcome to the community! When you scambait, you need to be mentally prepared for what comes your way. When scammers get caught red-handed for stealing, they tend to use rough language and some of the words they say are words that are unacceptable. You also need to have another phone number because scammers can look your number up. This happened to me once. A scammer called me by my real name. I asked him how he knew it and he told me it was “in his system” when it really wasn’t because he looked my number up. This is what happens when this is learned the hard way. The easy way you can avoid this is by getting a free phone number from internet phone services such as TextNow and Google Voice. If you live in an area where your phone number has an area code in it, make sure your internet phone number has a completely different area code from the one that your personal phone number does. To scambait, you will also need a who-is service called who-is. “Who-is” is an online IP tracker that gives you information based on an IP address. Please be aware that scammers do in fact use VPN’s and privacy blocks (basically a service they use to protect their info). If you get real details about a scammer, you can get the scammer’s email address, the scammer’s personal number, the scammer’s physical address, what country he/she is in, and his/her internet service provider. You also get the abuse email to report. The who-is service I strongly recommend using is https://www.arin.net/. It is a very useful resource to use if you want to look up a scammer’s personal details. Finally, when you call a scammer, pretend like you’re the victim unaware of the scam. Give it some time until when it’s been around 15-20 minutes. Then they really get spooked. If there’s anything more for me to clear up on or add, please click on my profile, click ‘message’ and send me your questions or concerns.

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Okay. I’m just not going to have anything to do with AnyDesk and TeamViewer and things like that. Thank you for your help!
And what is a VM?

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It is a Virtual Machine, basically it is a computer “program” that acts and looks like a real computer in case you wish to remote connect to scammers. They see the VM instead of your real desktop, files and documents.

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Yes, NEVER let a scammer connect to your real PC, always a virtual one

i have a quick question for anyone monitoring this topic. how do you reverse a remote connection? i see pierogi, jim and all the big guys do it. im just wondering how thats done?

Because of legal reasons (and because half of us don’t even know how he does it) we can’t provide that information.

Exactly, illegal. There is many different ways though, based on the situation - I’m sure if you’re keen enough, you’ll be able to find that information online. However, I stress that you ensure your own defence is up to scratch before going down the illegal path.

Thanks for the insight. Cheers!

im not really sure myself, and it does have issues legality wise, but i would say that the best bet im shooting for is social engeneering. try and convince them to allow you on to their pc.

Welcome :smiley:

interesting idea. will try it. thanks for the suggestion

Try to find a RAT. That’s what Jim browning did in his old videos. The NanoTech RAT is real good.

yeah, but that is sketchy on the legal side of things.