(916) 790-2295 ssa

Scammer’s Number: (916) 790-2295
Domains Used:
Extra Info: SSA!!!
Betty Wilson trolls fem bitch Maria Moore
Texas … rental car … SS misused


Speaking with Olivia White badge# 198643
Case # DMC 1011

And now speaking with John Kelley badge# GS5514

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Thank you!!! :innocent: :innocent:

Call back. 337-284-3975’

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Another call back: John Kelley (409) 220-0784

Ok when u call rings dial then swotch over to counter on then says were sorry the number out of service … But… You hit ** u get please enter password they got slammed and we got CALL BACKS :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: THIS IS DETERRENT

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4:04 pm Central … I did not make it far enough with the Senior Officer to get a callback #. I was too impatient and I went ballistic on him. First I got Lauren Smith, Federal Badge ID 1, Case ID DC73946. Eventually she handed me off to Senior Officer Jerry Thompson. Same toilet, different flush. Drugs, Car in Texas, he was going to call the Sherriff to have them come arrest me, blah blah blah.

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Says out of service no **works now… It did for sec

@Draco, now when I call back from both my TextNow number and my Unknown Name VOIP, I also get the “Number Is Not In Service” message.

Damn, these criminals are wimps! They do not possess any fortitude or tenacity.

They might start answering again this afternoon, but who knows? These SSA criminals are not as tenacious and determined as they used to be! Haha! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

FYI just in case anyone is interested.

This 916 790 2295 was posted on Bob’s site about 1 hour and 12 minutes ago.

I see that this 916 790 2295 was posted about 10 minutes ago on the Scammer Phone Number SUB REDDIT.

So maybe they got sick of being baited and/or bombarded/harassed!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

337-284-3975 … I called. It is ringing … I left a mocking message on the TextNow message machine of this Callback Number. 4:22 pm Central

(409) 220-0784 — 4:25 pm Central … I left a ridiculing message on the TextNow message machine of this Callback Number.

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call now!!!

I’m on it!

I just had a guy answer 916 790 2295 and I asked him if he and his criminal colleagues had a nice break? He hung up.

I am not baiting them at this point. I am BOMBARDING these criminals!!!

Hoarding shut out of them…

Just now a woman answered my TextNow number and she said immediately, “Why you keep calling?” I answered, “Because you are a criminal c!nt!” She just hung up.

She must have recognized my TextNow number on her Caller ID, but it seems they cannot block numbers or do not know how to block numbers.

Now when I am calling from my Unknown Number VOIP, they answer and immediately hang up.

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Can you say how you get an unknown VOIP?

Hi @Sol! My provider for internet and the VOIP landline phone number of mine is Google Fiber. I can login to my voiceDOTgoogleDOTcom account and switch to “Anonymous Caller ID is on” and then it shows “Unknown Number” rather than my real area code and 7-digit home phone number. I do not know if any other providers of internet AND internet-based VOIP home landline phone numbers offer the same ability.

When I am done messin’ with scammers, I just switch back to showing my real home landline phone number and not showing “Unknown Number” anymore.

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Awesome thanks!!!
You’re the best @Hviezdoslav

It is possible for some scammers to block my “Unknown Number” or anybody’s Unknown Number. I have called before a scammer number for the very first time from my Unknown Number and there is a robo message or spiel about how their system does not recognize a valid phone number. So sometimes they can block and know how to block Unknown Numbers. Of course sometimes I have had my TextNow number blocked also.

These particular SSA scammers do not seem to know how to block any numbers, Unknown Name or not.

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The number you have dialed is not in service, please check the number and dial again.

Got a guy on one phone at the same time I got a woman on the other phone, one phone in each of my hands, and I mocked 'em briefly, and then they started screaming at me and cursing at me, so I put both of my phones (my TextNow number on cell, my cordless handset of my Unknown Number landline) together, face to face, and they realized that they were screaming and cussing each other! Once they realized it, they both hung up. Haha!

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