877-592-1057 - Medicare Scam

These are Medicare impersonators. They call from different spoofed numbers. They pose as “Medicare”, “Medicare Rewards Plus” and “National Benefits Advisors”. Seem to be US-based. I got annoying voicemails from them to call this number. I called them and got people at 1:14 PM CST. I am nowhere near Medicare age and on the DNC list, but they obviously are a phishing scam.

I am bombarding them now with two different phone numbers of mine. One gal “claimed” that they were not scammers, but when I asked her for the address of where she works she refused to answer. I will enjoy continuing having fun at their expense!

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Hviezdoslav, keep it up!!! Thank you so much! They are scammers for sure; I got 3 back-to-back calls from them today - all 3 were from spoofed numbers. That alone is illegal, given that I am on the DNC. Then, they have the nerve to pose as Medicare and Medicaid and scam the elderly! Nasty criminals!!!

Scamterminator, I have been bombarding these scammers. I have not played along far enough during a phone call to get to the point where they want my personal info. I just harassed them and called out their company and their complicity.

Unfortunately this seems like the kind of company and toll free number that will continue to be used by them. It would take thousands of us to bombard them I think for them to need to get a new toll free phone number. They are cocky and defiant. I have had great fun though! Thanks for the post!

Mostly women answered, but there were maybe 2 or 3 men who answered. I wrote down only some of the names of the women, and they are Victoria Davis, Natasha, Katie, Brittany, and Courtney. I had some conversations with some of the women. They “claim” that the only way a person would get a phone call is if the person filled out an online questionnaire or form or whatever. I told them that they are full of feces and that the company for which they work is leaving automated voicemails from spoofed numbers. They of course denied it and hung up. Two different women who answered said when I asked that they are located in Memphis, Tennessee. They would not give me their address though.

I had gone earlier today to Google and found the website Business Entity Search - Business Services Online that is the Tennessee Secretary of State site and I searched for “medicare rewards” having chosen “CONTAINS” and I found some information.

Entity Type: LLC
Name: Medicare Rewards DELAWARE
Entity Filing Date: 04/08/2021
If I click on the link Control # 001188164, I got this info shown below:
Name: Edge Marketing, LLC (Qualified Under An Assumed Name)
Status: Active Initial Filing Date: 04/08/2021
Formed in: DELAWARE
Fiscal Year Close: December AR Due Date: 04/01/2022
Term of Duration: Perpetual
Principal Office: 4800 140TH AVE N STE 101
AR Exempt: No Obligated Member Entity: No
Managed By: Member Managed Number of Members: 1

When I clicked on the “Assumed Names” tab, I see the following that includes Medicare Rewards:

Senior Life
Medicare World
Medicare Rewards
Medicare Plus Card
Medicare Discount Card
Med Alert Pros
Legacy Quote
Crisp Results
Crisp Connections


Yes, they are liars most certainly. If you read the reviews of this number, as well as anything related to Medicare Rewards and “Benefits Advisors”, you will see that they’re continuously calling people from numerous spoofed numbers. They are also DBA “Digital Media Solutions, located at 4800 140th Ave N, Clearwater, FL”. Numerous people review that company very negatively due to the amount of spam and scamming calls that they generate. I applaud you for the hard work you put in, though! Great job! Keep it up with these scumbag filthy scammers. When I called them back, they literally said that they are “not violating any federal laws”, because “I called them, they did not call me”. So much for the DNC list and people’s privacy and spoofing numbers!

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I am at it again today with them off and on, though I am jumping off to call other numbers that people posted today. It seems unlikely though that we will shut down their phone number and make 'em get a new one. Still, I like to let 'em know that we have not forgotten 'em. Just like I call periodically the call back TextNow numbers of scammers to leave a mocking message even if they do not answer. It is not my fault though. I just was born with an overabundance of spite, so I feel the need to PURGE MYSELF of this excessive spite that I possess!

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I have been on the a call with them for ~15 minutes. They just asked for my zipcode, name, and telephone number.

As of now I am not sure if they are trying to steal information or sell you something.
Will update based on my findings.

On a call with them 2021-06-02 T 17:54 EST

Oh yes, the ol’ Medicare Rewards place! I was calling them earlier today but jumped off to call some other scammer numbers that were posted here today. Thanks for reminding me! I am gonna go another few rounds with 'em now!


They are boring.

They are just helping me compare rates.

I also called other scammers.

I think it is possible to make them shut down the number. Let’s see how miserable and upset we can make them feel. I certainly don’t feel bad for them, because they harass and scam the elderly and disabled people.

Oh, they get very feisty, if you know how to push their buttons. I got cursed out and hung up on when I kept pointing out that they are scammers and they violate Federal laws. They take it very personal lol. So, they can be quite entertaining!

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I love pushing Tech support scammer buttons.

I am learning Hindi just so that I can have a friendly conversation with them.

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03-Jun-2021 … around 9:20 AM or so … I called them a few times and harassed 'em. Unfortunately I must log off and get some work done. I won’t forget though about these predators who prey on the elderly!

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Thank you. Keep it up!

Saturday 05-Jun-2021 11:07 AM Central I just called this 877-592-1057 from my Unknown Number VOIP phone and it will not start ringing. I have had that happen with some scammer voip numbers. I immediately tried again from my Unknown Number VOIP and it rang a half of a ring and went to total silence with no voicemail machine.

I tried from my TextNow number and it seems that it was answered since the timer is ticking but there is complete silence and no voicemail machine. Currently the timer says 1:40 min/sec, 1:41 min/sec.

I do not know if they work on weekends anyway. I just was curious and tried this morning. Maybe on Monday the number will be up and running.

Just an FYI …

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Yes, I know that most scammers don’t do weekends. I tried them too and it is the same thing for me.

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4:05 PM Central Monday 07-Jun-2021 … I called 877 592 1057 from my TextNow but after a short ring it stopped ringing BUT the timer of the call is still going (1:01 min/sec). This is strange. I tried again from my TextNow and the same half of a ring and then silence even though the call has not ended and the timer is ticking still.

I tried from my Unknown Number Voip this 877 592 1057 and it rang ONCE and then just silence, so I hung up after a minute or so of silence.

I think this 877 592 1057 is NOT a TextNow number, but I am not sure. I know from experience that some VOIP Scam Center numbers can block BOTH my TextNow number AND the Unknown Number Voip of mine. I know from experience that a TextNow number CAN block my TextNow number BUT CANNOT block my Unknown Number Voip number.

So I am not sure if this 877 592 1057 is NO LONGER WORKING or if maybe my TextNow number and Unknown Number Voip have been blocked.

I had HOURS of fun with 'em though! I see in my TextNow that I first called on Tuesday of last week at 1:43 PM Central.

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I just called them twice myself from different VOIP numbers, and had the same result. It makes me believe that they either stopped using 877-592-1057 altogether or they blocked all VOIP and TextNow callers lol. Great job on harassing these scamming scumbag criminals!!! I have a new one for you: 949-516-0145. I have received a couple of phone calls from them today from a private number, and then a spoofed number. They left annoying voicemails about “complete student loan forgiveness”. I have no unpaid student loans, and I am on the DNC List. So, an obvious scammer here. I called 949-516-0145 at 11:18 AM CST and at 11:45 AM CST and got humans there. They appear to be US-based scammers.

Either way as far as Medicare Rewards, we had our fun with 'em! Great post, ScamTerminator2021!!!

Cool, a Student Loan 949 516 0145 number! It is easy to bait a student loan scammer on a call for a decent amount of time!

Yes, I owe whatever amount in student loans.
No, I am not still in school because I flunked out of school during my senior year. In hindsight, joining and living in a fraternity was not probably a wise decision on my part (throw in a couple of examples of SHOCKING and HEINOUS decadence and debauchery).


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Yes, and this is what I like to do sometimes at home. Call them and give fake data. Then, I tell them that I cannot hear them and ask them to turn the volume all the way up. Then, I pretend like I hear them better. Then, I pull the air horn on them and use it multiple times. They then swear at me and hang up angrily! Also, it works magic if you get scambitches answer and talk very explicit to them haha! The dirtier, the better!