310-400-5997 - Student Loan Scam

These people are calling and leaving annoying voicemails with some bot voice in violations of the Do Not Call List. I also do not have any student loans at the moment. So, it is clearly a scam. I called them at 5 PM CST and got humans.

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As of 5/25 2:49 central they are still active.

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She (Anna) gave me a direct callback number but I am not adding it as I cannot confirm if it’s a scam.

If this is a scam please someone keep me posted because I was not able to confirm. They are not asking for any logins or for remote access.

Still Active @ 2021-05-25 T 17:21

Sound American.

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They do appear to be US-based. I believe, they are a scam, and here is why: 1. They call numerous times using bot with a pre-recorded message. 2. They leave voicemails via this bot. 3. I have numbers on the Do Not Call Registry that they called on several occasions. Generally, reputable and legitimate companies do not violate DNC List. 4. They do ask for personal information if you call them back. Seems like a phishing scam to me.


Thank you for the clarification.

They asked for my Phone, Email, Name, And Address


Yes, I think they are phishing for that info to flood people with spam or to sell your info on Dark Web. I was bothered before by fake recruiters from India, and then these SOBs sold my email and cell number on the Dark Web.


Thank you for keeping me posted! :smiley:

This is the first time I encounter a scam like this. I’ve been scam-baiting for 4 years and this is the first time I called a student loan scam.

I normally don’t call Loan scams because they are boring.

I never know for sure on these. I mean they are annoying and call from spoof numbers. Still not 1000 percent sure it’s a scam or just bad annoying sales people.

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Okay, so this is kind of my thing. Ask justiceintexas, to confirm. These are certainly scams, I could type for days explaining why, but the biggest indicator is they ask for your fasfa ID. This provides everything they would need to successfully steal your identity. I’m talking about a treasure chest of info:
Full Name
Full SSN

So forth and so on. You can go look at the fasfa forms without actually having loans or having been to college. You will see what I mean.

Also what the end game is, and you can call a real student loan provider and ask them about it, is to get a victim to give them the money they would give to pay off the loan.

Even though Great Lakes for example (a real student loan provider) sends out statements every month like clockwork, the scammers convince the victim that the provider is “out to get them”. So they keep the victim on the hook as long as possible.

Once the victim finally contacts their loan provider they find out none of the money they gave to the scammers went towards the loan. Thus usually ruining them financially.

The scammers also ask for fees up front, just in case you call your provider after talking to them. So it’s a short con and a very long con.

After the “company” is dead and scattered to the ends of the earth so to speak, the identity theft process begins. Kind of like throwing a jab to set up a cross to use a boxing analogy.


The lady I had sounded Hispanic, but I briefly spoke to a male that sounded American.

They were telling me no fee and that they get a commission. Not true?

Another indicator that these are likely scammers is how agitated and angry they became with me when I pointed out that they violate federal laws by spoofing and calling numbers on the Do Not Call List. Legitimate businesses generally don’t take it “so personal”. Also, legitimate businesses don’t curse you and hang up so fast. That makes me believe that these are criminals behind this organization.


A commission for what may I ask?

For the amount of the loan he said

Wow! Thank you for clearing it up. I did not know that.

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I would say that all of that scamming in North America could be put to an end really fast, IF there was a political will to do so. Here are the quick and straightforward solutions: 1. Impose severe sanctions on India and Pakistan that harbor the majority of cyber criminals and scammers. That would force their governments and police to cooperate and to arrest scumbags. 2. Hold US-based VOIP providers criminally liable for being part of fraudulent schemes. Organize show trials of their executives and mass arrests throughout the entire chain of VOIP providers. Just fines are not enough and don’t fix anything. We need 10+ years in federal prisons for them. 3. Don’t just go after “runners” and other little fish. Go after the bosses of Indian and Pakistani fraudulently schemes. Treat them like terrorists and arrest all assets of their family members and associates. Then, put international warrants for their arrests and extradition with the authorized use of deadly force. You see, how relatively straightforward it is WITH some political willpower?Instead, everybody is obsessed with the stupid COVID-19.

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They are not loan service providers, I do not understand why they would receive a commission.

Also what did they say the name of the company was? Where is their corporate office located? Who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)?

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Hi, here is a new one they are using today: 855-533-7550

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Yeah I spoke to an American criminal who kept saying “with that being said” and “alrighty” over and over. Lots of vocal interference. He said congratulations several times. Also wanted two references. The “payment” plan be gave me for a 30,000 dollar loan breaks down as follows:
262 for 4 months
122 for 12 months
78 for 240 months
Wanted a credit card and of course. So I just spit out a fake one.

They are identifying as students come first. Their website is can be googled and looked up with The Who is. The registar is google LLC

Kept them going for 30 minutes.

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