ZEUS Virus


Number is 844-274-4714

Works in Skype, scammers simply say "Oh, just turn the computer off and on again and it will work fine!"

not working rn


Are you using FireRTC? It didn't work there when I tried it, but on Skype it worked. Maybe the reason they told me to restart the computer is because they were closing or something and didn't want to be bothered with me.

@MTS11648#738 skype

Lol now they said they are Rikers Island State Prison…

it keeps on ringing, then the call fails…

I called them last night and the asshole Indian tech was rude as hell… he opened my gmail and started going through each email asking me why I got this email, that email, etc… I kept pretending to be stupid and alarmed as he did this… I’ll be posting this to YouTube for sure.

@raytech70#755 what’s your youtube channel called?

@MTS11648#736 that URL is the lyrics of a Bollywood movie song

Number is dead

@Dixie#765 Odd, I typed in “youtuber.com” to get to it and just yesterday, it was undoubtebly a scam popup. I can’t check right now to prove or disprove your theory since I’m on a work computer, but I’m under the impression that these scams do come and go fast, so maybe they just threw in the towel and abandoned the domain.

@Dixie#764 Search for “modderphuckers”

@raytech70#780 oh yeah I stumbled upon your video last night.