Zeus Virus Scammer

I am not sure if this number is 24/7. Here is the number (855) 523-0146. This number may be related (800) 335-9195

GOT THEM! Got their key and reported it to GoToAssist.

Line is coming up as disconnected for me right now, can anyone confirm?

@trustednerd#7371 Number is busy on FireRTC and Google Voice

@trustednerd#7371 yeah there phone is not avalable for callz. :frowning: RIP they were fun 2 scam

Aren’t they supposed to be the scammers? @TerryMakiichut#7566

Guess they were dead.

@Cashbracket#7344 (800) 335-9195 is a Medical Assistance Scammer. Prolly shut down by now, just spoke with them.

@JonasMcPherson#7626 “The number you have dialed has been changed or disconnected”