Zeus Virus Scam

Just found this popup detecting a zeus virus.

Link: http://15467448788975.win/?a=10012294&offer_key=11599bc74e5a9130195216d1cc56ae74

Number: 888-512-6904

Got their IP, they use TeamViewer.

@HTMLJonathan#4596 nice job

Always laugh a little when they use teamviewer





there number is currently down due to me.....!!!!lol

@Frank4207#4612 Nice, they will pop back up soon…

they called me with a new number its 18889002086 and they dont use team viewer anymore they use go to assit

i called them and at the end i said fuck you scammer when he tryed to syskey me and then he hang up and i got them to shutdown there phone number

If they don’t use teamviewer they can’t connect to my VM.

@Jnteamed#4664 Why not?

Any downloads is blocked on our network. Just any.

Plus, we don’t use genuine windows on our vending machines.

No admin privileges and temporary account.

@Koko#4603 lol is that darkcomet get NanoCore

@hyperbeam#4699 No, that is Babylon.

@hyperbeam#4699 NanoCore is shut down lol. DC is still good.

Everyone else perspective:

No wonder you don’t use nano core, bat scripting works better, because they can’t be removed unless you remove windows. or command prompt, then i might use js.


I use three progs simultaneously, it works, i don’t realy need more. I only need a way to figure out who those scammers are and who they’re taking money from, contact their victims telling them their cards/bank details have been compromised and keeping the scammers pc un-manageable.