Zeus Virus Popup

hxxp://tech-7cz25.stream/guest/?a=AZ&pagex=13&s1=XMTu3BfMq8of2myg4kVOQY3shpbH9mZxfRa5_2t_mxZ6JGhCodEXDlCl2gBMG6MgI_CA9FMMeFK4uOmI70K-Iw%2C%2C&os=Windows&browser=Firefox&isp=etnguyen03 ISP&ip=

*Yes, I did change the IP and ISP to prevent DDOSing
Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/KrfsM

Phone: 8773256857
Number works on FireRTC

Works great, i just saved your screenshot and puttet in in the browser and they think its real … the first one strartet youtube and then we watched 20 mins the minoins XD

@etnguyen03#11745 It automatically redirects to Google.