Zeus Virus Popup

While exposing a scammer, a new message appeared saying I have a Zeus Virus on my computer and that I should not restart! I have no idea where it came from, but the message popped up on IE.

#: +1 844-784-4666
Image: http://prntscr.com/f4tvjo

Too easy to close, I called them , guide me through iexplore but i removed internet explorer.

@Jnteamed#4079 Yeah I should’ve called them before posting this, thanks for filling me in!

it is your turn. i already called them.

Too bad they don’t know iexplore is gone because i removed it all.

This teri maa ki chut pretended to be not hearing me, then he redirected me to 911

Good lord I’ve never heard such rage in my life, dude sounded like he threw a fit in the call center haha

@Jnteamed#4081 Called them up on stream and when I exposed him he set a syskey on my vm and I was re-directed to someone else TWICE.

@MegaDog532#4089 can you send me a link to your channel pls?

@76561197993037654#4090 https://www.youtube.com/MegaDog532; the streams ended but looking back at the stream while i was away acting he syskey’d my computer :confused:

Oh and the scammers use music that got my vid copyrighted ???

these scammers are connected to my VM right now ?

They tried the old ‘Tree’ command in cmd haha told me it was a scan ffs. They gave me another website - techsutra.net and some more numbers to ring 888-827-9058 and 760-673-7710.

They gave me another website - techutra.net and some more numbers to ring 888-827-9058 and 760 673 7710

@joshwirus#4096 Would you be interested in a fake cmd for using against them?


Hi yes that be great. Im going to ring another scammer in a minute so hopefully this time it works a bit better and they take the bait ?

I have worked on a confusing VM that won’t do anything that require admin privilages or open explorer.exe Remap drives from D to C.

So easy to setup.

Anyways; thanks for the fake CMD.