"You've been randomly selected to receive a WL spot for our brand new NFT drop" RUGPULL

Popup - Junity

OWNER - BRNFT2#5951 (UID: 947545215630200933)

Requires users to join their server, open a support ticket and message them “ALLIANCE” in order to claim a Whitelist spot. A moderator will send you the following Google form you can use to submit your email address, Discord ID and Metamask wallet.

Users who join the server will receive DMs from the following bots claiming they’re whitelisted to mint:
Bot Sign | junity#2683 (UID: 979974659636359210)
Lindsay Gissing#8165 (UID: 979053060410200124)

POPUP 1 - https://junity.nftsvip-mint.com/

Registered via NameSilo on May 22, 2022 - Whois nftsvip-mint.com

Associated IP Address -

POPUP 2 - Junity NFT (wl-links.com)

Registered via GoDaddy on May 15, 2022 - Whois wl-links.com

Associated IP Address -