YouTube SEO scammer megathread

Email sender: [email protected]
Email title: I’m a YouTuber Expert

I was analyzing your YouTube channel @AustinGoodenough and you struggling with and video viral for views.

I can help you grow your YouTube channel.

We are offering a full YouTube video SEO-(Search Engine Optimization) service. I’m working as a full YouTube monetization service provider since 2020. Already i completed 100+ jobs from our Agency. 100% i can guarantee to improve Subscribes and video views on my YouTube channel with my experience.

Below we found your channel issue-
Your channel video SEO very low
Video views very low

What to expect from this service?-
(1) 100% real and genuine results.
(2) Safe and worldwide audiences.
(3) Increase your popularity on YouTube.
(4) Natural engagements with good conversion.
(5) Absolute compliance with YT TOS.
(6) Channel Tags
(7) SEO Friendly Title
(8) Enhance S.E.O Score
(9) Channel Optimization
(10) Add End Screen & Cards
(11) White-Hat S.E.O Method
(12) Recommended Algorithm
(13) Optimized For Top Ranking
(14) Right meta tag optimization
(15) Strong Strategic Description
(16) Keywords/Hashtags Research
(17) Free tips to grow your channel
(18) Improve SEO Score by VidIq/TubeBuddy


Sarkar is a Bengali sir name


Email sender: [email protected]
LinkedIn account: LinkedIn
Email title: SEO

I was analyzing your YouTube channel name(Austin Goodenough) are you struggling with subscribers & video views for monetization?
I can help you grow your YT channel
We rea offering a full YouTube video SEO service. I am Foridul working as a full YouTube SEO service provider since 2019. already
completed 100+ jobs from our agency YT channel (Freelancer with Forhad). 100% I can guarantee to improve subscription & video views on any YouTube channel with my experience.

Blew we found your channel issue:-
1 Not SEO
2 Not well view
3 Not rank
4 score level low quality

What to expect from this service?
1 85-90+ SEO score
2 Channel Optimize
4 Hashtag Create & Optimize
4 Long Tail Keywords Relevant to Your Niche
5 Get Organic Traffic

Thank you


Email sender: [email protected]
LinkedIn account: Meheraj (Data) Khan | LinkedIn
Email title: Elevate Your YouTube presence with expert marketing insights :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Hey, Friend

So how are things going for you? I wanted to ensure that this email takes at most two minutes of your time because I understand the value of time.

I came across your fantastic Youtube Channel while looking for data on work. The channel seems lucrative and beautiful.

My name is Meheraj and I am a professional Youtube Marketing expert. Part of my job includes SEO advocacy for people looking to improve their online presence.

For curiosity. I audited your Youtube Channel, and I am sorry to say this. Your Youtube Channel won’t be found easily by potential customers on the Youtube ranking no matter how good your content might otherwise seem!

Your Youtube Channel might be losing out on customers because of some reasons.

  1. SEO score is very low out of 0/100.

  2. Title is too Wrong .

  3. Pinned Comment Missing.

  4. Hearted Comment Missing.

  5. Not enough Tags.

Before the Videos can rank well on YouTube, much less meet today’s user experience standards, it will require substantial repairs and enhancements!

Don’t worry! I can help improve your Youtube channel ranking. Many of our happy clients have seen their Videos Youtube ranking gradually increase after we lend a helping hand.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful things that will help you improve your Videos performance in

YouTube. I can talk your ear off about YouTube Marketing and social media marketing!

Ready to take your business from the brink of failure into profitability? We’re here for you every step of the way. I would happily discuss it with you over the phone or via email.

Please Check my Success work and portfolio in below.

And I am also sharing your channel issue in below.

I wish you good health and good fortune!

Waiting For Your Reply.


Meheraj Khan

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +8801311865354

Meheraj Khan
Digital marketing manager

M: +8801311865354
[email protected]
Bangladesh Rajshahi Pabna

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Email Sender: Angel Prama ([email protected])
Email Title: I’m a YouTuber Expert

Hope you are well. I watched your Austin Goodenough YouTube channel videos and noticed all the videos quality is good. But there is a big problem your video views are very low and video growth is downward. Your video uploads have to do some work SEO-(Search Engine Optimization) and will help in getting future video views and Subscriber.

I’m a Youtuber Expert. I can help you video views and Subscriber grow. If you think the problem needs to be solve, let me know.

My portfolio…

(Scammer asked for my WhatsApp number, I responded with a Grabify link they refused to click)

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