Youtube scammer 844-339-9008

Scam Number: 844-339-9008
Scammer’s Website or Email: Cust0mer Service & Phone Number - YouTube
Additional information about this scam:

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844-339-9008 Geeka Squad Aaron Thursday 11-24-22 3:23PM EST

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This crazy bas#ard wanted me to connect to Anydesk :slight_smile:

told my email was [email protected].

yes I found them online

These guys are still alive.

Called them and talking to sam on call

Trolled them:

Does anybody have any good VoIP phones exit of TextNow I really need some recommendations

@TSMGHOST explain that a little bit more please

idiot answer but wouldn’t talk
I called back went to message
So I left him message
call me back because we need to know what kind of scam your running so please call me back.

It’s labeled as YouTube, but I think it’s wrong. Unless there running multiple scams from the same center. If I click on one for example facebook and I ask if this Amazon and most say yes. So you never know.

They’re very mad!!! They’re saying that they’re scambaiters.

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No, you were actually talking to another scam baiter they disconnected my call

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Good job done wel come

YT Cust0mer Service & Phone Number


good option to make him made

Scammer is back

yes working today

Google Voice is pretty neat as well but youhave to change certain settings to not expose yourself as a google voice user and you might want to make an alt account for it too.

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