Your video today

You posted a video today about Da532 watching CP… How long has this drama been going on for? I’d really like to know about the story as I dont think you have really addressed this issue before. I’m not on discord that often too since i’ve got to focus on school work.

Oh this has been going on for a while now, more than a few months.

Da532 and Red_Eye_Computing (Sam) used to be friends, Sam owned the Aurora Community Discord along with Da532. When Sam gave Da532 ownership of the server expecting it back, Da532 stole the server and banned them from the server. He was blackmailing them with videos of them watching Child Porn which was his idea in the first place.

Da532 is cancer which needs to be terminated.

@thunder#11305 wait is red eye computing the one that sounds like a young kid or is that da532z

@thunder#11305 and is DA532 the reason why u told us to leave the old discord? Damn. Becoz of this I actually unsubscribed from Da532