Your tracking number (MTCN) : 7618834852 (ACQUIRED SCAMMERS BANK ACCOUNT)

"Money Reference Number (MTCN): #7618834852

Attention Beneficiary

Be informed that the sum of Five thousand dollars $5000.00USD has
already been sent to you via Western Union Money Transfer office as
we have been given the mandate to transfer your full overdue payment
worth a total sum of $4.8MillionUSD via western union by the Ministry
of Finance.

I tried contacting you to give you the necessary information to enable
you pick up your funds but I couldn’t get through yesterday, so I
decided to email you the MTCN and sender’s name so that you can pick
up the $5000.00 to enable us send another $5000.00 by tomorrow.

As you know already that we will be sending you $5000.00 only per day
till you completely receive the total amount, meanwhile it was agreed
that you have to obtain a transfer clearance certificate and the
charge is sum of $230.00 before you can pick up your first payment of
$5000 at any agent location, do take note of this, that you have to
pay the $230.00 before picking up your first available payment.

Go to any western union office in your location to pick up the
$5000.00 which is currently active and do try to contact me via
WhatsApp: +1(5793862398) as soon as you get this email as the only
Operation Manager in charge of your payment to carry out the transfer
immediately, and I will send you another payment tomorrow once you
pick up the first one.

Below is the western union information to pick up the $5000.00USD
which you will be receiving daily after you send the clearance
certificate payment of $230.00 to this office.

NOTE: That you cannot pick up these funds if the transfer clearance
certificate charges is not paid.

Track Your first payment of $5000 information by following the
instructions below.
Your tracking number (MTCN) : 7618834852

Your payment is ready for pick up at any agent location but you can’t
do that without the transfer clearance fee of $230.00. Therefore, I
will be waiting to hear from you with the clearance certificate
payment of $230.00 today.

Do get back to me with your current transfer details as listed: Phone
number, Address, Country, Copy of your ID card or driven license.

Contact info: Mr. George Tansi
Tel for WhatsApp : +15793862398
Thanks and may God Bless you."

I managed to get their bank account info through Whatsapp.

Acct:: 42948344
Acct name: Sherry Bibbs
Acct Routing :: 124303201
Bank address: 222 Kearny St. North Floor
San Francisco, CA. 94108

Their bank is Varo Bank

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You can report to the bank and/or

Online bank

Varo Money, Inc

222 Kearny St
San Francisco CA 94108