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Scam Number: 888-656-2137
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Additional information about this scam: Geek Squad

Dear user,

Do not reply to this email. The manager’s mail box is neither. Geek Squad Hacking Protection Any type of sort of queries regarding your membership or your incentives? Do not think twice to email or call our customer treatment if you have any type of type of troubles with your enrollment., you will be charged with amount $434.34 for the Geek Squad Protection Plan. It will be a direct debit form your Bank Checking account. The charges will reflect on your statement by the next 48 hours.

Customer Support- +1(888) 656-2137

Account Type :- Geek Squad Hacking Protection

Device : - Windows Computer (1 Users)

Quantity: - 1

Tenure : 1 Years

Payment - Mode: - Auto Debit

Renewal Amount - $434.34

Billed to :

Customer ID : 671512853

Invoice Number : LC34LC476

Renewal Date : 2023-09-18

However, if you want to call off the subscription you can reach us at our Helpline Number - +1(888) 656-2137

Thanks & Regards,
Team Geek Squad.

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888-656-2137 Sam Wilson Monday 9-18-23 1:14PM EST


Still active, 7:00 AM PST


Tuesday 9-19-23 10:02AM EST


Just now I called this number +1 (888) 656-2137 for the first time but after a half of a ring my TextNow call went to USER BUSY.

There is also the number +1 (888) 656-2135 that was active BUT now after a half of a ring my TextNow number goes to USER BUSY.

Maybe one or both of these numbers will become active again.

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