YOUR PAYMENT REF NO:(REF NO:K-00T-$6.7Million Dollar) | + Scammers USA VoIP number


Scammer is active right now. Wants me to buy and send him the front and back images of a $500 American Express Gift Card. Number is owned by either “SINCH” or “BANDWIDTH” - Based off different number lookup carrier websites. I have contacted both parties respectively.




Spokeo is a scam in itself, never use them for a carrier lookup. It’s not a wild guess to say that the results you get from them will be exactly that…a wild guess!!
They have virtually no information on anyone and scam people with mainly bogus, made up nonsense information with number/person/address lookups, while inflicting a very high monthly charge after the "special price’ first full phone report lookup (which then says you have to opt out within a set time or the steep monthly charge starts.
I think they may be the only place who has a Z rating and a -5 out of 5 rating with the BBB.


Yeah, I know not to pay! I’ve understood that about them and in general - I am only interested in the CARRIER info of course lol. When I entered the number into the bandwidth website to report it, it said that they didn’t recognize the number as theirs, so must be SINCH.

But oh god - we’ve all had our fair share of issues with SINCH…


Scammers WHATSAPP: (815) 324-2232
Scammers BITCOIN ADDRESS: bc1qa2l07u9zea00sdlt4505y42a9z45cc98cz7uu23tvqxx3l08yxmqq585j5
Scammers CASHAPP: $SayerCL66 (“CYNTHIA SAYER”). He has confirmed Profile Picture (PFP) is of an old lady.
Scammer wants front + back of $500 American Express Gift Card |OR| Bitcoin Proof of Payment sent to this email: [email protected] , he told me to send the cashapp Proof of Payment by screenshot to the main (770) number.

@BiggusPrickus Tried to tell him my closest shop was closed until tomorrow night at least so I couldn’t go and get the $500 American Express Gift Card, due to some emergency maintenance. Stall is so far working, trying to gather as much info as I can right now - he gave me his bitcoin address asking if I could send the amount through there (SEE ABOVE). Then told him bitcoin wasn’t working, now he’s telling me to send to the cashapp. Told him cashapp isn’t working either. Trying to get bank transfer info now.

Got his CHASE Bank Account information! If someone could help me report the account, that’d be amazing…

PROVIDED NAME: James Chukwurah
PROVIDED ADDRESS: 2 Mt Pleasant Ave, Wallington, NJ 07057, United States

@BiggusPrickus @MajorLeeAwesome @JusticeinTexas @drwat @FIREFIGHTER619

I called (800) 935-9935 [CHASE BANK], I made them aware… however they said at this moment they can’t do anything about it first! They told me I need to contact any law enforcement agency (for example the one in my “area” - except I don’t live in the USA obviously!) they then said to tell it to the law enforcement agency and also get them to contact the chase bank people and go from there.

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i got you bro reporting the account now


thanks bro,

this idiot is active right now as I post this comment, trying to call me.
feel free to fuck this number out of the blue casually, spam it with text / calls or whatever lol.

he has blocked my number lmao
or he has disconnected it entirely

he threatened that I’ll somehow lose my phone service lol

This scammer is so stupid, he just contacted me again with the same rubbish - I don’t think he’s smart enough to realize…